Research Topics

Mariola Chudzik


Affiliation: Medical University of Silesia
Country: Poland


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    Chudzik M, Równicka Zubik J, Pożycka J, Pawelczak B, Sulkowska A. Analysis of Aged Human Serum Albumin Affinity for Doxazosin. Curr Protein Pept Sci. 2016;17:198-208 pubmed
    ..The binding interaction between DOX and HSA has been also studied by molecular docking simulation. ..
  2. Sułkowski L, Pawełczak B, Chudzik M, Maciążek Jurczyk M. Characteristics of the Protoporphyrin IX Binding Sites on Human Serum Albumin Using Molecular Docking. Molecules. 2016;21: pubmed
    ..In summary, fluorescent studies on binding interactions between HSA and PpIX have been confirmed by the results of computer simulation. ..
  3. Chudzik M, Maciążek Jurczyk M, Pawełczak B, Sułkowska A. Spectroscopic Studies on the Molecular Ageing of Serum Albumin. Molecules. 2016;22: pubmed publisher
    ..Based on the spectrofluorescence study, the alterations in metoprolol binding affinity to the specific sites that increase the toxicity of the drug were investigated. ..