Imran Hashmi


Country: Pakistan


  1. Lodhi A, Hashmi I, Nasir H, Khan R. Effect of trihalomethanes (chloroform and bromoform) on human haematological count. J Water Health. 2017;15:367-373 pubmed publisher
    ..It also significantly damaged platelet level at doses of 30 (p < 0.05) and 50 ?g/mL (p < 0.01). Conversely, the damage caused by chloroform was statistically less significant (p > 0.05). ..
  2. Waheed H, Xiao Y, Hashmi I, Stuckey D, Zhou Y. Insights into quorum quenching mechanisms to control membrane biofouling under changing organic loading rates. Chemosphere. 2017;182:40-47 pubmed publisher
    ..In contrast, the pore blockage resistance became dominant in QQ MBRs (>40%). ..