Venkatesh Vaidyanathan


Affiliation: University of Auckland
Country: New Zealand


  1. Vaidyanathan V, Naidu V, Kao C, Karunasinghe N, Bishop K, Wang A, et al. Environmental factors and risk of aggressive prostate cancer among a population of New Zealand men - a genotypic approach. Mol Biosyst. 2017;13:681-698 pubmed publisher
    ..The list of genes with SNPs identified as being associated with the risk of PCa in a New Zealand population is provided in the graphical abstract. ..
  2. Vaidyanathan V, Krishnamoorthy V, Karunasinghe N, Jabed A, Pallati R, Kao C, et al. Are We Eating Our Way to Prostate Cancer-A Hypothesis Based on the Evolution, Bioaccumulation, and Interspecific Transfer of miR-150. Noncoding RNA. 2016;2: pubmed publisher
    ..In this hypothesis-driven review, we have suggested a possible reason as to why miR-150 can be a promising diagnostic biomarker for prostate cancer using theories of evolution, bio-accumulation, and interspecific transfer of miRNAs. ..
  3. Vaidyanathan V, Naidu V, Karunasinghe N, Kao C, Pallati R, Jabed A, et al. Effect of ageing and single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with the risk of aggressive prostate cancer in a New Zealand population. Mol Biosyst. 2017;13:1967-1980 pubmed publisher
    ..We have addressed "special" environmental conditions prevalent in New Zealand, which can be used as a model for a bigger worldwide study. ..