Anower Jabed


Affiliation: University of Auckland
Country: New Zealand


  1. Vaidyanathan V, Krishnamoorthy V, Karunasinghe N, Jabed A, Pallati R, Kao C, et al. Are We Eating Our Way to Prostate Cancer-A Hypothesis Based on the Evolution, Bioaccumulation, and Interspecific Transfer of miR-150. Noncoding RNA. 2016;2: pubmed publisher
    ..In this hypothesis-driven review, we have suggested a possible reason as to why miR-150 can be a promising diagnostic biomarker for prostate cancer using theories of evolution, bio-accumulation, and interspecific transfer of miRNAs. ..
  2. Vaidyanathan V, Naidu V, Kao C, Karunasinghe N, Bishop K, Wang A, et al. Environmental factors and risk of aggressive prostate cancer among a population of New Zealand men - a genotypic approach. Mol Biosyst. 2017;13:681-698 pubmed publisher
    ..The list of genes with SNPs identified as being associated with the risk of PCa in a New Zealand population is provided in the graphical abstract. ..