Ian F Hermans


Affiliation: Malaghan Institute of Medical Research
Country: New Zealand


  1. Anderson R, Compton B, Tang C, Authier Hall A, Hayman C, Swinerd G, et al. NKT cell-dependent glycolipid-peptide vaccines with potent anti-tumour activity. Chem Sci. 2015;6:5120-5127 pubmed publisher
  2. Osmond T, Farrand K, Painter G, Ruedl C, Petersen T, Hermans I. Activated NKT Cells Can Condition Different Splenic Dendritic Cell Subsets To Respond More Effectively to TLR Engagement and Enhance Cross-Priming. J Immunol. 2015;195:821-31 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest that different DC subsets can contribute to T cell priming if provided appropriately phased activatory stimuli, an observation that could be factored into the design of more effective vaccines. ..
  3. Speir M, Hermans I, Weinkove R. Engaging Natural Killer T Cells as 'Universal Helpers' for Vaccination. Drugs. 2017;77:1-15 pubmed publisher
    ..We discuss the potential benefits and limitations of exploiting iNKT cells as 'universal helpers' to enhance vaccine responses for the treatment and prevention of cancer and infectious diseases. ..
  4. Gasser O, Sharples K, Barrow C, Williams G, Bauer E, Wood C, et al. A phase I vaccination study with dendritic cells loaded with NY-ESO-1 and α-galactosylceramide: induction of polyfunctional T cells in high-risk melanoma patients. Cancer Immunol Immunother. 2018;67:285-298 pubmed publisher
    ..Evidence of NKT cell proliferation and/or NKT cell-associated cytokine secretion was seen in most patients. In light of these strong responses, the concept of including NKT cell agonists in vaccine design requires further investigation. ..