Ashraf Youssef Nasr


Affiliation: Zagazig University, Faculty of medicine, Anatomy Department.
Location: Zagazig, Egypt
Associate professor in anatomy
our field of interest is conical, gross and experimental anatomy, neuroanatomy


  1. Nasr A. Vertebral level and measurements of conus medullaris and dural sac termination with special reference to the apex of the sacral hiatus: anatomical and magnetic resonance imaging radiologic study. Folia Morphol (Warsz). 2016;75:287-299 pubmed publisher
    ..Accurate knowledge of vertebral level of CMT, DST and SHA and the distances in-between might decrease the iatrogenic injury of dural sac, spinal cord and cauda equina. ..
  2. Nasr A. Clinical relevance of conus medullaris and dural sac termination level with special reference to sacral hiatus apex: anatomical and MRI radiologic study. Anat Sci Int. 2017;92:456-467 pubmed publisher
    ..05) from those in female patients with exception of the thickness of SCM and the AP diameter at SHA. Accurate knowledge of these levels and the distances in-between are important for safe and successful spinal and caudal anaesthesia. ..
  3. Nasr A. The impact of aged garlic extract on adriamycin-induced testicular changes in adult male Wistar rats. Acta Histochem. 2017;119:648-662 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, AGE can be used as an adjuvant therapy to resume male infertility and weak spermatogenesis induced by cytotoxic drugs or other environmental toxins through its cytoprotective and antioxidant properties. ..

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