Mhammed Sarih


Affiliation: Institut Pasteur du Maroc
Country: Morocco


  1. Tmimi F, Faraj C, Bkhache M, Mounaji K, Failloux A, Sarih M. Insecticide resistance and target site mutations (G119S ace-1 and L1014F kdr) of Culex pipiens in Morocco. Parasit Vectors. 2018;11:51 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, urgent action should be taken to manage the resistance in this species to maintain the effectiveness of arbovirus control. ..
  2. Bkhache M, Tmimi F, Charafeddine O, Faraj C, Failloux A, Sarih M. First report of L1014F-kdr mutation in Culex pipiens complex from Morocco. Parasit Vectors. 2016;9:644 pubmed
    ..These findings will provide important information to propose more adapted vector control measures towards this mosquito species, potential vector of arboviruses. ..