Edson Baltazar Estrada Arriaga


Affiliation: Mexican Institute of Water Technology
Country: Mexico


  1. Marco Antonio G, Angélica Julieta A, Esperanza R, Gerardo B, Gerardo D, Edson Baltazar E. Evaluation of Ficus benjamina wood chip-based fungal biofiltration for the treatment of Tequila vinasses. Water Sci Technol. 2018;77:1449-1459 pubmed publisher
    ..5 kg COD m-3d-1. During the operation of the biofilters, the enzymatic activity of laccase was present, even at the step of highest concentration of vinasses. ..
  2. Estrada Arriaga E, Guillen Alonso Y, Morales Morales C, García Sánchez L, Bahena Bahena E, Guadarrama Pérez O, et al. Performance of air-cathode stacked microbial fuel cells systems for wastewater treatment and electricity production. Water Sci Technol. 2017;76:683-693 pubmed publisher
    ..High removal efficiencies of 84% of COD, 47% of total nitrogen, and 30% of total phosphorus were obtained during municipal wastewater treatment. ..
  3. Estrada Arriaga E, Hernandez Romano J, García Sánchez L, Guillén Garcés R, Bahena Bahena E, Guadarrama Pérez O, et al. Domestic wastewater treatment and power generation in continuous flow air-cathode stacked microbial fuel cell: Effect of series and parallel configuration. J Environ Manage. 2018;214:232-241 pubmed publisher
    ..Voltages drops were observed in the stacked MFC, which was mainly limited by the cathodes. These voltages loss indicated high resistances within the stacked MFC, generating a parasitic cross current. ..
  4. García Sánchez L, Garzón Zúñiga M, Buelna G, Estrada Arriaga E. Tylosin effect on methanogenesis in an anaerobic biomass from swine wastewater treatment. Water Sci Technol. 2016;73:445-52 pubmed publisher
    ..This behaviour suggests the microorganisms have developed not only resistance to the antibiotic but also an ability to metabolize it. ..
  5. Estrada Arriaga E, Cortés Muñoz J, González Herrera A, Calderón Mólgora C, de Lourdes Rivera Huerta M, Ramírez Camperos E, et al. Assessment of full-scale biological nutrient removal systems upgraded with physico-chemical processes for the removal of emerging pollutants present in wastewaters from Mexico. Sci Total Environ. 2016;571:1172-82 pubmed publisher
    ..The application of neutral Fenton reaction as post-treatment for the two effluents from the WWTPs is promising for the removal of emerging pollutants (up to 100%) and for assuring high quality of treated water. ..