Rodolfo Abarca Vargas


Country: Mexico


  1. Petricevich V, Abarca Vargas R. Allamanda cathartica: A Review of the Phytochemistry, Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Biotechnology. Molecules. 2019;24: pubmed publisher
    ..Further studies on the phytochemical, pharmacological, and toxicological properties and their mechanisms of action, safety, and efficacy in the species of A. cathartica is recommended. ..
  2. Abarca Vargas R, Peña Malacara C, Petricevich V. Characterization of Chemical Compounds with Antioxidant and Cytotoxic Activities in Bougainvillea x buttiana Holttum and Standl, (var. Rose) Extracts. Antioxidants (Basel). 2016;5: pubmed