Genomes and Genes


Dânia Elisa Christofoletti Mazzeo



  1. Mazzeo D, Fernandes T, Marin Morales M. Attesting the efficiency of monitored natural attenuation in the detoxification of sewage sludge by means of genotoxic and mutagenic bioassays. Chemosphere. 2016;163:508-515 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, the use of the studied SS as reconditioner requires pre-processing for over than 6 months of natural attenuation. ..
  2. Mazzeo D, Casado M, Piña B, Marin Morales M. Detoxification of sewage sludge by natural attenuation and implications for its use as a fertilizer on agricultural soils. Sci Total Environ. 2016;572:978-985 pubmed publisher
    ..It also shows that this potential impact may be significantly mitigated by attenuation protocols, as the one presented here. ..