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María D Mayas



  1. García Fuentes E, Santiago Fernández C, Gutiérrez Repiso C, Mayas M, Oliva Olivera W, Coín Aragüez L, et al. Hypoxia is associated with a lower expression of genes involved in lipogenesis in visceral adipose tissue. J Transl Med. 2015;13:373 pubmed publisher
    ..Postprandial status is associated with an increase in HIF-1α mRNA expression in C57BL6J wild-type mice. Hypoxia alters the mRNA expression of genes involved in de novo lipogenesis in human VAT. ..
  2. Mayas M, Ortega F, Gómez Huelgas R, Roca N, Fernandez Real J, Tinahones F. Decrease in FASN expression in adipose tissue of hypertensive individuals. Am J Hypertens. 2009;22:1258-62 pubmed publisher
    ..Once this aspect is clarified, it could be a new target for the treatment of hypertension. ..