F Masi



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    ..The treated daily flow was measured in the range of 1,000-2,000 m3/d. ..
  3. Masi F, Rizzo A, Bresciani R, Martinuzzi N, Wallace S, Van Oirschot D, et al. Lessons learnt from a pilot study on residual dye removal by an aerated treatment wetland. Sci Total Environ. 2019;648:144-152 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, TWs enhanced by aeration can provide only a buffer effect on peak dye concentrations. ..
  4. Masi F, Rochereau J, Troesch S, Ruiz I, Soto M. Wineries wastewater treatment by constructed wetlands: a review. Water Sci Technol. 2015;71:1113-27 pubmed publisher
    ..With such OLRs the SRRs have ranged from a minimum of 15 up to 4,700 gCOD/m² d, with the 80th percentile of the reported values being below 308 gCOD/m² d and the median at 112 gCOD/m² d. ..
  5. Masi F, Rizzo A, Regelsberger M. The role of constructed wetlands in a new circular economy, resource oriented, and ecosystem services paradigm. J Environ Manage. 2018;216:275-284 pubmed publisher
    ..Finally, a meta-analysis shows that the scientific community involved in CWs should put more effort in making CWs more suitable for these new tasks. ..