Ayman M Mahmoud



  1. Mahmoud A, Germoush M, Al Anazi K, Mahmoud A, Farah M, Allam A. Commiphora molmol protects against methotrexate-induced nephrotoxicity by up-regulating Nrf2/ARE/HO-1 signaling. Biomed Pharmacother. 2018;106:499-509 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, C. molmol resin provided protection against MTX-induced AKI via activation of Nrf2 signaling and mitigation of oxidative stress. ..
  2. Al Hroob A, Abukhalil M, Alghonmeen R, Mahmoud A. Ginger alleviates hyperglycemia-induced oxidative stress, inflammation and apoptosis and protects rats against diabetic nephropathy. Biomed Pharmacother. 2018;106:381-389 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, this study strongly suggests that Z. officinale rhizome extract exerts a protective role against diabetes-induced renal injury by ameliorating oxidative stress, inflammation and apoptosis. ..
  3. Al Rasheed N, Al Rasheed N, Bassiouni Y, Hasan I, Al Amin M, Al Ajmi H, et al. Simvastatin ameliorates diabetic nephropathy by attenuating oxidative stress and apoptosis in a rat model of streptozotocin-induced type 1 diabetes. Biomed Pharmacother. 2018;105:290-298 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, SIM can protect against diabetic nephropathy by attenuating oxidative stress and apoptosis. ..
  4. Al Basher G, Aljabal H, Almeer R, Allam A, Mahmoud A. Perinatal exposure to energy drink induces oxidative damage in the liver, kidney and brain, and behavioral alterations in mice offspring. Biomed Pharmacother. 2018;102:798-811 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, the consumption of EDs during pregnancy and lactation has a negative impact on the newborns and should be treated as a significant health problem that warrants attention. ..
  5. Germoush M, Othman S, Al Qaraawi M, Al Harbi H, Hussein O, Al Basher G, et al. Umbelliferone prevents oxidative stress, inflammation and hematological alterations, and modulates glutamate-nitric oxide-cGMP signaling in hyperammonemic rats. Biomed Pharmacother. 2018;102:392-402 pubmed publisher
    ..UMB prevents hyperammonemia associated hematological alterations and therefore represents a promising protective agent against the deleterious effects of excess ammonia. ..
  6. Al Samhari M, Al Rasheed N, Al Rejaie S, Al Rasheed N, Hasan I, Mahmoud A, et al. Possible involvement of the JAK/STAT signaling pathway in N-acetylcysteine-mediated antidepressant-like effects. Exp Biol Med (Maywood). 2016;241:509-18 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, depression research may target the JAK/STAT signaling pathway to provide a novel effective therapy. ..
  7. Mahmoud A, Al Dera H. 18β-Glycyrrhetinic acid exerts protective effects against cyclophosphamide-induced hepatotoxicity: potential role of PPARγ and Nrf2 upregulation. Genes Nutr. 2015;10:41 pubmed publisher
    ..This report also confers new information that 18β-GA protects liver against the toxic effect of chemotherapeutic alkylating agents via activation of Nrf2 and PPARγ. ..
  8. Mahmoud A, Abd El Twab S, Abdel Reheim E. Consumption of polyphenol-rich Morus alba leaves extract attenuates early diabetic retinopathy: the underlying mechanism. Eur J Nutr. 2017;56:1671-1684 pubmed publisher
    ..alba has protective effect on diabetic retinopathy with possible mechanisms of inhibiting hyperglycemia-induced oxidative stress, apoptosis, inflammation, polyol pathway activation, and VEGF expression in the retina. ..
  9. Kamel E, Mahmoud A, Ahmed S, Lamsabhi A. A phytochemical and computational study on flavonoids isolated from Trifolium resupinatum L. and their novel hepatoprotective activity. Food Funct. 2016;7:2094-106 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, the present study provides the first clarification of the detailed antioxidant SARs of T. resupinatum flavonoids and points to the involvement of Nrf2 in their hepatoprotective activity. ..

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  1. Mahmoud A, Hussein O, Hozayen W, Abd El Twab S. Methotrexate hepatotoxicity is associated with oxidative stress, and down-regulation of PPAR? and Nrf2: Protective effect of 18?-Glycyrrhetinic acid. Chem Biol Interact. 2017;270:59-72 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, 18?-GA can provide protection against MTX-induced hepatotoxicity. ..
  2. Mahmoud A, Abd El Twab S. Caffeic acid phenethyl ester protects the brain against hexavalent chromium toxicity by enhancing endogenous antioxidants and modulating the JAK/STAT signaling pathway. Biomed Pharmacother. 2017;91:303-311 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, CAPE protects the brain against Cr(VI) toxicity through abrogation of oxidative stress, inflammation and down-regulation of JAK2/STAT3 signaling in a SOCS3-independent mechanism. ..
  3. Mahmoud A, Hozayen W, Ramadan S. Berberine ameliorates methotrexate-induced liver injury by activating Nrf2/HO-1 pathway and PPAR?, and suppressing oxidative stress and apoptosis in rats. Biomed Pharmacother. 2017;94:280-291 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, BBR attenuated MTX-induced oxidative stress and apoptosis, possibly through up-regulating Nrf2/HO-1 pathway and PPAR?. Therefore, BBR can protect against MTX-induced liver injury. ..
  4. Mahmoud A, Mohammed H, Khadrawy S, Galaly S. Hesperidin protects against chemically induced hepatocarcinogenesis via modulation of Nrf2/ARE/HO-1, PPAR? and TGF-?1/Smad3 signaling, and amelioration of oxidative stress and inflammation. Chem Biol Interact. 2017;277:146-158 pubmed publisher
    ..These effects are suggested to be mediated by activating Nrf2/ARE/HO-1 and PPAR? pathways. ..
  5. Mahmoud A. Exercise Amaliorates Metabolic Disturbances and Oxidative Stress in Diabetic Cardiomyopathy: Possible Underlying Mechanisms. Adv Exp Med Biol. 2017;999:207-230 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, figuring out the underlying mechanisms of exercise-induced beneficial effects could help to develop new treatment strategies for diabetic cardiomyopathy. ..
  6. Fadel A, Mahmoud A, Ashworth J, Li W, Ng Y, Plunkett A. Health-related effects and improving extractability of cereal arabinoxylans. Int J Biol Macromol. 2018;109:819-831 pubmed publisher
    ..The aim of the current review article is to point out the health-related effects and to discuss the current research on the extraction methods of AXs. ..
  7. Elgebaly H, Mosa N, Allach M, El Massry K, El Ghorab A, Al Hroob A, et al. Olive oil and leaf extract prevent fluoxetine-induced hepatotoxicity by attenuating oxidative stress, inflammation and apoptosis. Biomed Pharmacother. 2018;98:446-453 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, olive oil and leaf extract protect against fluoxetine-induced liver injury in rats through attenuation of oxidative stress, inflammation and apoptosis. ..
  8. Mahmoud A, Zaki A, Hassan M, Mostafa Hedeab G. Commiphora molmol resin attenuates diethylnitrosamine/phenobarbital-induced hepatocarcinogenesis by modulating oxidative stress, inflammation, angiogenesis and Nrf2/ARE/HO-1 signaling. Chem Biol Interact. 2017;270:41-50 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, these results provide evidence that C. molmol resin has a potent chemopreventive activity, possibly by up-regulating the Nrf2/HO-1 signaling and attenuation of inflammation, angiogenesis and oxidative stress. ..
  9. Mahmoud A, Germoush M, Alotaibi M, Hussein O. Possible involvement of Nrf2 and PPAR? up-regulation in the protective effect of umbelliferone against cyclophosphamide-induced hepatotoxicity. Biomed Pharmacother. 2017;86:297-306 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, the hepatoprotective effects of UMB appear to depend on co-activation of PPAR? and Nrf2, and subsequent suppression of oxidative stress and inflammation. ..