Shengying Li



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    ..Moreover, the crystal structures of the central P450 biocatalyst CreJ in complex with two representative substrates provide significant structural insights into its substrate flexibility and reaction selectivity. ..
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    ..Both reactions showcase interesting chemistries for these two widespread and well-studied enzyme families. ..
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    ..Steady-state kinetic parameters (Km and kcat) for each catabolic step were determined, and these results suggest that kinetic controls serve a key role in directing the metabolic flux to the most energy effective route. ..
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    ..Moreover, the synergistic effects of these structural factors on the catalytic properties including stereoselectivity, activity, and stability are also discussed. ..
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    ..The results suggest the great value of cyanobacterial redox partner proteins for both academic research and industrial application of P450 biocatalysts. ..
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    ..Taken together, this work provides significant insights into bafilomycin biosynthesis to inform future pharmacological development of these compounds. ..
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    ..These uncommon P450 reactions lead to a higher level of chemical space expansion for natural products, through which a broader spectrum of bioactivities can be gained by the host organisms. ..
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    ..Because Lysobacter are ubiquitous inhabitants of soil and water, the finding may have important implications in understanding microbial competitions and bioactive natural product regulation. ..