Rui Li



  1. Deng W, Wang X, Liu C, Li C, Xue M, Li R, et al. Touching the theoretical capacity: synthesizing cubic LiTi2(PO4)3/C nanocomposites for high-performance lithium-ion battery. Nanoscale. 2018;10:6282-6287 pubmed publisher
    ..Combining this with the stable cycling performance and high rate capability, such material has a promising future in practical application. ..
  2. Zhang L, Wang X, Deng W, Zang X, Liu C, Li C, et al. An open holey structure enhanced rate capability in a NaTi2(PO4)3/C nanocomposite and provided ultralong-life sodium-ion storage. Nanoscale. 2018;10:958-963 pubmed publisher