Davide Lelli



  1. Moreno A, Sozzi E, Grilli G, Gibelli L, Gelmetti D, Lelli D, et al. Detection and molecular analysis of Pseudorabies virus strains isolated from dogs and a wild boar in Italy. Vet Microbiol. 2015;177:359-65 pubmed publisher
    ..Molecular and phylogenetic analyses of PRV strains are therefore necessary to improve the understanding of the distribution of the PRV clusters and their evolution. ..
  2. Lelli D, Moreno A, Steyer A, Nagliˇc T, Chiapponi C, Prosperi A, et al. Detection and Characterization of a Novel Reassortant Mammalian Orthoreovirus in Bats in Europe. Viruses. 2015;7:5844-54 pubmed publisher
    ..This paper extends the current knowledge of MRVs and stresses the importance to continue and improve MRV surveillance in bats and other mammals through the development and standardization of specific diagnostic tools. ..
  3. Lelli D, Prosperi A, Moreno A, Chiapponi C, Gibellini A, De Benedictis P, et al. Isolation of a novel Rhabdovirus from an insectivorous bat (Pipistrellus kuhlii) in Italy. Virol J. 2018;15:37 pubmed publisher
    ..Genome organization and phylogenetic analyses demonstrated that VAPV should be considered a novel species within the genus Ledantevirus for which viral ecology and disease associations should be investigated. ..
  4. Lelli D, Papetti A, Sabelli C, Rosti E, Moreno A, Boniotti M. Detection of coronaviruses in bats of various species in Italy. Viruses. 2013;5:2679-89 pubmed publisher
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    ..In addition, the surveillance reported a low density of Culex spp. mosquitoes, which all tested negative for WNV. ..
  6. Lelli D, Beato M, Cavicchio L, Lavazza A, Chiapponi C, Leopardi S, et al. First identification of mammalian orthoreovirus type 3 in diarrheic pigs in Europe. Virol J. 2016;13:139 pubmed publisher
    ..The virus was phylogenetically related to European reoviruses of human and bat origin and to US and Chinese pig MRV3. ..
  7. Strandbygaard B, Lavazza A, Lelli D, Blanchard Y, Grasland B, Poder S, et al. Inter-laboratory study to characterize the detection of serum antibodies against porcine epidemic diarrhoea virus. Vet Microbiol. 2016;197:151-160 pubmed publisher
    ..However, not all the assays seem suitable for demonstrating freedom from disease in a country. The results from individual animals, especially when the infection has occurred within an experimental situation, show more variation. ..
  8. Calzolari M, Chiapponi C, Bonilauri P, Lelli D, Baioni L, Barbieri I, et al. Co-circulation of two Usutu virus strains in Northern Italy between 2009 and 2014. Infect Genet Evol. 2017;51:255-262 pubmed publisher
    ..These factors and the endemization of the Usutu virus in a large area of Europe, sustained by the obtained data, strongly support the need to adequately survey Usutu virus in areas in which its circulation is detected. ..