Aleksandar Kupusinac


Affiliation: University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences
Location: Novi Sad, Serbia


  1. Kupusinac A, Doroslovački R, Malbaški D, Srdić B, Stokic E. A primary estimation of the cardiometabolic risk by using artificial neural networks. Comput Biol Med. 2013;43:751-7 pubmed publisher
    ..e. secondary risk factors: HDL-, LDL- and total cholesterol, triglycerides, glycemia, fibrinogen and uric acid. ANN training and testing are done by dataset that includes 1281 persons. The accuracy of our solution is 82.76%. ..
  2. Kupusinac A, Stokić E, Kovacevic I. Hybrid EANN-EA System for the Primary Estimation of Cardiometabolic Risk. J Med Syst. 2016;40:138 pubmed publisher
    ..Our solution is suitable for research of CMR in population of some region and its accuracy is above 90 %. ..
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    Ivanovic D, Kupusinac A, Stokić E, Doroslovački R, Ivetic D. ANN Prediction of Metabolic Syndrome: a Complex Puzzle that will be Completed. J Med Syst. 2016;40:264 pubmed
    ..8579. Further, obtained negative predictive value N P V = 0.8319 is also high and close to PPV, which means that our ANN solution is suitable both for positive and negative MetS prediction. ..
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    Kupusinac A, Stokić E, Sukić E, Rankov O, Katić A. What kind of Relationship is Between Body Mass Index and Body Fat Percentage?. J Med Syst. 2017;41:5 pubmed
    ..Additionaly, our results show that quadratic relationship is more pronounced in old than in young and middle-age men and it is slightly more pronounced in young and middle-age than in old women. ..

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