Woo Jin Hyung


Affiliation: Yonsei University College of Medicine
Country: Korea


  1. Kim J, Kim J, Lee W, Seong H, Choi H, Ahn J, et al. A High Visceral-To-Subcutaneous Fat Ratio is an Independent Predictor of Surgical Site Infection after Gastrectomy. J Clin Med. 2019;8: pubmed publisher
    ..09; p < 0.001) were independent risk factors for SSI after gastrectomy. The VFA-to-SFA ratio is the most predictable body composition model for use in predicting the incidence of SSI after gastrectomy. ..
  2. Yang K, Cho M, Roh C, Seo W, Choi S, Son T, et al. Robotic spleen-preserving splenic hilar lymph node dissection during total gastrectomy for gastric cancer. Surg Endosc. 2019;: pubmed publisher
    ..9 ± 2.6. The 5-year overall survival was 86.3% and 5-year recurrence-free survival was 87.4%. This study suggests that robotic application for spleen-preserving splenic hilar lymphadenectomy could be a feasible and safe method. ..
  3. Choi Y, Cho M, Kwon I, Son T, Kim H, Choi S, et al. Ten Thousand Consecutive Gastrectomies for Gastric Cancer: Perspectives of a Master Surgeon. Yonsei Med J. 2019;60:235-242 pubmed publisher
    ..The perspectives of this master surgeon, based on his profound experience and insights, will outline directions for integrative multidisciplinary health care and how can surgeons prepare for the future. ..
  4. Brenkman H, Cho M, Ruurda J, Song K, Son T, Kim H, et al. European validation of the Yonsei Gastric Cancer Prognosis Prediction Model after gastrectomy: Validation with the Netherlands Cancer Registry. Eur J Surg Oncol. 2019;: pubmed publisher
    ..0001. The Yonsei Gastric Cancer Prognosis Prediction Model was superior over the TNM staging system in predicting prognosis after gastrectomy in a European cohort, although it is not applicable to patients treated by neoadjuvant therapy. ..
  5. Woo Y, Choi G, Min B, Hyung W. Novel application of simultaneous multi-image display during complex robotic abdominal procedures. BMC Surg. 2014;14:13 pubmed publisher
    ..Our study offers another potentially beneficial application of the robotic surgery platform toward integration and simplification of combining additional procedures with complex minimally invasive operations. ..
  6. Cho M, Son T, Kim H, Noh S, Choi S, Seo W, et al. Similar hematologic and nutritional outcomes after proximal gastrectomy with double-tract reconstruction in comparison to total gastrectomy for early upper gastric cancer. Surg Endosc. 2018;: pubmed publisher
    ..Proximal gastrectomy with double-tract reconstruction exhibited similar outcomes in terms of hematologic and nutritional features in comparison to total gastrectomy. ..
  7. Guner A, Son T, Cho I, Kwon I, An J, Kim H, et al. Liver-directed treatments for liver metastasis from gastric adenocarcinoma: comparison between liver resection and radiofrequency ablation. Gastric Cancer. 2016;19:951-60 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, systemic chemotherapy may not be the only therapeutic option for patients with liver metastasis, and possible liver-directed treatment options for such patients should be considered on an individual basis. ..
  8. Hyung W, Woo Y, Noh S. Robotic surgery for gastric cancer: a technical review. J Robot Surg. 2011;5:241-9 pubmed publisher
    ..The role of robotic surgery in gastric cancer is promising but awaits further comparative studies of long-term results and cost-effectiveness. ..
  9. Woo Y, Goldner B, Son T, Song K, Noh S, Fong Y, et al. Western Validation of a Novel Gastric Cancer Prognosis Prediction Model in US Gastric Cancer Patients. J Am Coll Surg. 2018;226:252-258 pubmed publisher
    ..Importantly, this model allows for accurate prognosis for an increasing number of gastric cancer patients worldwide, including those who received inadequate lymphadenectomy or underwent a noncurative resection. ..

More Information


  1. Woo Y, Goldner B, Ituarte P, Lee B, Melstrom L, Son T, et al. Lymphadenectomy with Optimum of 29 Lymph Nodes Retrieved Associated with Improved Survival in Advanced Gastric Cancer: A 25,000-Patient International Database Study. J Am Coll Surg. 2017;224:546-555 pubmed publisher
    ..This large international dataset analysis demonstrates that the maximal survival advantage is seen by performing a lymphadenectomy with a minimum of 29 LNs retrieved. ..
  2. Chang J, Kim K, Keum K, Noh S, Lim J, Kim H, et al. Recursive partition analysis of peritoneal and systemic recurrence in patients with gastric cancer who underwent D2 gastrectomy: Implications for neoadjuvant therapy consideration. J Surg Oncol. 2016;114:859-864 pubmed publisher
    ..This classification could be used for stratification protocols in future studies evaluating adjuvant therapies such as preoperative chemoradiotherapy. J. Surg. Oncol. 2016;114:859-864. © 2016 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. ..
  3. Li S, Seo S, Choi Y, Nakagawa M, An J, Kim H, et al. Correlation analyses between pre- and post-operative adverse events in gastric cancer patients receiving preoperative treatment and gastrectomy. BMC Cancer. 2016;16:29 pubmed publisher
    ..Meticulous intraoperative manipulations should be emphasized. ..
  4. Nakagawa M, Choi Y, An J, Chung H, Seo S, Shin H, et al. Difficulty of predicting the presence of lymph node metastases in patients with clinical early stage gastric cancer: a case control study. BMC Cancer. 2015;15:943 pubmed publisher
    ..824 and 0.660, respectively. Surgeons need to be aware of limitations in preoperative predictions of the presence of lymph node metastasis for clinical stage early gastric cancer. ..
  5. Hur H, Lee H, Lee H, Kim M, Hyung W, Park Y, et al. Efficacy of laparoscopic subtotal gastrectomy with D2 lymphadenectomy for locally advanced gastric cancer: the protocol of the KLASS-02 multicenter randomized controlled clinical trial. BMC Cancer. 2015;15:355 pubmed publisher
    ..Through the KLASS-02 RCT, we hope to show the efficacy of laparoscopic D2 lymphadenectomy in AGC patients compared with the open procedure. ClinicalTrial.gov, NCT01456598. ..
  6. Lee J, Kim Y, Woo Y, Obama K, Noh S, Hyung W. Robotic distal subtotal gastrectomy with D2 lymphadenectomy for gastric cancer patients with high body mass index: comparison with conventional laparoscopic distal subtotal gastrectomy with D2 lymphadenectomy. Surg Endosc. 2015;29:3251-60 pubmed publisher
    ..Robotic surgery could be an effective alternative to conventional laparoscopic surgery in treating gastric cancer patients with high BMI. ..
  7. Kim H, Hur H, Kim Y, Lee H, Kim M, Han S, et al. Standardization of D2 lymphadenectomy and surgical quality control (KLASS-02-QC): a prospective, observational, multicenter study [NCT01283893]. BMC Cancer. 2014;14:209 pubmed publisher
    ..Additionally, our methods will serve as a novel system for educating surgeons and assessing surgical proficiency. NCT01283893. ..
  8. Kim Y, Son T, Kim H, Noh S, Hyung W. Robotic D2 Lymph Node Dissection During Distal Subtotal Gastrectomy for Gastric Cancer: Toward Procedural Standardization. Ann Surg Oncol. 2016;23:2409-10 pubmed publisher
    ..The adoption of robotic surgery could improve the quality of surgery and facilitate D2 lymph node dissection for gastric cancer. ..
  9. Okumura N, Son T, Kim Y, Kim H, An J, Noh S, et al. Robotic gastrectomy for elderly gastric cancer patients: comparisons with robotic gastrectomy in younger patients and laparoscopic gastrectomy in the elderly. Gastric Cancer. 2016;19:1125-1134 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, robotic gastrectomy could be a safe and feasible approach in elderly patients. ..
  10. Obama K, Kim Y, Kang D, Son T, Kim H, Noh S, et al. Long-term oncologic outcomes of robotic gastrectomy for gastric cancer compared with laparoscopic gastrectomy. Gastric Cancer. 2018;21:285-295 pubmed publisher
    ..Long-term oncological outcomes were not different between RG and LG. Nevertheless, robotic applications in minimally invasive gastric cancer surgery may be an oncologically safe alternative. ..
  11. Alhossaini R, Hyung W. Robotic Assisted Distal Gastrectomy for Gastric Cancer in a Patient with Situs Inversus Totalis: with Video. J Gastrointest Surg. 2017;21:2144-2145 pubmed publisher
    ..Robotic technique can help surgeon's ambidexterity in performing such complex procedures. ..