Genomes and Genes


KyoungAh Jung


Affiliation: The Catholic University of Korea
Country: Korea


  1. Kwon J, Lee S, Seo H, Moon Y, Ryu J, Jung K, et al. YinYang1 deficiency ameliorates joint inflammation in a murine model of rheumatoid arthritis by modulating Th17 cell activation. Immunol Lett. 2018;197:63-69 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings suggest that future RA therapies should target the regulatory mechanism involved in Th17 cell differentiation, in which YY1 may cooperate with the STAT3 signaling pathway. ..
  2. Lee S, Jhun J, Byun J, Kim E, Jung K, Lee J, et al. IL-17 axis accelerates the inflammatory progression of obese in mice via TBK1 and IKBKE pathway. Immunol Lett. 2017;184:67-75 pubmed publisher
    ..As well, the inhibition of TBK1 reduces inflammation induced by IL-17. Therefore, IL-17 may be involved in the development of obesity and metabolic dysfunction in a TBK1-dependent manner. ..
  3. Kim S, Kwon J, Park J, Seo H, Jung K, Moon Y, et al. Achaete-scute complex homologue 2 accelerates the development of Sjögren's syndrome-like disease in the NOD/ShiLtJ mouse. Immunol Lett. 2017;190:26-33 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings suggest that Ascl2 may play a role in the development and progression of SS and may be a therapeutic target in the treatment of SS. ..