Kyungjin Lee


Country: Korea


  1. Kim B, Lee K, Chinannai K, Ham I, Bu Y, Kim H, et al. Endothelium-Independent Vasorelaxant Effect of Ligusticum jeholense Root and Rhizoma on Rat Thoracic Aorta. Molecules. 2015;20:10721-33 pubmed publisher
    ..The results suggested that LJE-induced vasorelaxation were related to blocking K+ channels and inhibiting entry of extracellular Ca2+ via receptor-operative Ca2+ channels (ROCCs) or voltage-dependent Ca2+ channels (VDCCs). ..
  2. Lee K, Lee B, Lee M, Kim B, Chinannai K, Ham I, et al. Effect of Ampelopsis Radix on wound healing in scalded rats. BMC Complement Altern Med. 2015;15:213 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest that AJE possesses scald wound healing activity via accelerating the scald wound repair during the inflammation and proliferative phases of the healing process. ..
  3. Lee K, Shin M, Ham I, Choi H. Investigation of the mechanisms of Angelica dahurica root extract-induced vasorelaxation in isolated rat aortic rings. BMC Complement Altern Med. 2015;15:395 pubmed publisher
  4. Kim B, Kwon Y, Lee S, Lee K, Ham I, Choi H. Vasorelaxant effects of Angelica decursiva root on isolated rat aortic rings. BMC Complement Altern Med. 2017;17:474 pubmed publisher
    ..The 70% ethanol extract of Angelica decursiva root (ADE) shows strong vasorelaxant potential, but no studies have investigated the mechanisms underlying the vasorelaxation effect of A. decursiva...
  5. Cheon S, Chung K, Lee K, Choi H, Ham I, Jung D, et al. HVC1 ameliorates hyperlipidemia and inflammation in LDLR-/- mice. BMC Complement Altern Med. 2017;17:222 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results suggest that HVC1 might be effective in preventing high-cholesterol diet-induced hyperlipidemia by regulating the genes involved in cholesterol and lipid metabolism, and inflammatory responses. ..