Yoonsoo Hahn


Affiliation: Chung-Ang University
Country: Korea


  1. Lee J, Goh C, Park D, Hahn Y. Identification of a novel plant RNA virus species of the genus Amalgavirus in the family Amalgaviridae from chia (Salvia hispanica). Genes Genomics. 2019;: pubmed publisher
    ..ShRV1 is a novel virus found to be associated with chia and may be useful for studying the molecular features of amalgaviruses. ..
  2. Hahn Y, Kim D, Pastan I, Lee B. Anoctamin and transmembrane channel-like proteins are evolutionarily related. Int J Mol Med. 2009;24:51-5 pubmed
    ..The ANO/TMC superfamily proteins are present in almost all diverse groups of eukaryotic organisms, suggesting that the proteins function in important biological processes, such as ion homeostasis, in eukaryotic cells. ..
  3. Oh H, Moon H, Cheon S, Hahn Y, Kang H. Functional analysis of recombinant human and Yarrowia lipolytica O-GlcNAc transferases expressed in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. J Microbiol. 2016;54:667-74 pubmed publisher
    ..This is the first report on the functional analysis of the fungal OGT, indicating that the Y. lipolytica OGT retains its catalytic activity, although the physiological role and substrates of YlOGT remain to be elucidated. ..
  4. Kim H, Park D, Hahn Y. Identification of novel RNA viruses in alfalfa (Medicago sativa): an Alphapartitivirus, a Deltapartitivirus, and a Marafivirus. Gene. 2018;638:7-12 pubmed publisher
    ..The bioinformatics procedure applied in this study may facilitate the identification of novel RNA viruses from plant transcriptome data...
  5. Hahn Y. Molecular evolution of TEPP protein genes in metazoans. Biochem Genet. 2009;47:651-64 pubmed publisher
    ..No homolog was detected in birds, insects, nematodes, and teleost fishes despite the extensive sequence data of these species, implying that the TEPP gene might be lost in these lineages. ..
  6. Kim D, Hahn Y. The acquisition of novel N-glycosylation sites in conserved proteins during human evolution. BMC Bioinformatics. 2015;16:29 pubmed publisher
    ..We propose that the novel N-glycosylation sites described in this study may be useful candidates for functional analyses to identify innovative genetic modifications for beneficial phenotypes acquired in the human lineage. ..