Mohamed Ali Kedous



  1. Rkhami M, Kedous M, Achoura S, Zehani A, Bahri K, Zammel I. Epidural angiolipoma: A rare cause of spinal cord compression. Int J Surg Case Rep. 2018;45:72-76 pubmed publisher
    ..Since SAL are very haemorrhagic lesions, preoperative embolization is recommended. We think that spinal cord compression caused by angiolipoma have very good functional prognosis, even if tardily diagnosed. ..
  2. Kedous M, Msakni A, Chebbi W, Zaraa M, Mbarek M. An uncommon variant of the Essex-Lopresti injury. Skeletal Radiol. 2018;47:397-400 pubmed publisher
    ..There are some variations that can lead to a missed diagnosis resulting in persistent pain and instability of the wrist. The best outcomes are reached with early diagnosis and prompt management. ..
  3. Kedous M, Msakni A, Chebbi W, Zaraa M, Trabelsi M. Unusual circumstances to diagnose cervical Pott's disease. Skeletal Radiol. 2018;47:723-727 pubmed publisher
    ..Delays in establishing the diagnosis and starting the appropriate treatment result in severe complications such as spinal cord compression and spinal deformity, which are difficult to manage. ..