Ginpreet Kaur


Affiliation: SPP SPTM NMIMS
Location: Mumbai, India
Dr. Ginpreet Kaur
Asst. Professor
B. Pharm., M.Pharm., Ph.D.
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Experience (with details)
Academic Experience:
6 years and 5 months
Areas of Interest (research):
 Metabolic Syndrome
 Psychopharmacology
 Immunopharmacology
List of Publications
1) Sneha Nayadu, Ginpreet Kaur*, Girish Gudi1 and Veeranjaneyulu Addepalli. The Potentials of Selected Therapeutic Targets for Inflammation: A Snapshot. Recent Patents on Inflammation & Allergy Drug Discovery 2012, 6, 137-146

2) Ginpreet Kaur,Meena chintamaneni ;Book entitled "Curcumin: A potential drug candidate" published by LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing GmbH & Co. KG Dudweiler Landstra


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    Yadav R, Angolkar T, Kaur G, Buttar H. Antibacterial and Antiinflammatory Properties of Bovine Colostrum. Recent Pat Inflamm Allergy Drug Discov. 2016;10:49-53 pubmed
    ..BC may be beneficial in reducing the risks of inflammation associated diseases. Further studies are needed before BC can be recommended for therapeutic interventions in humans. ..
  2. Kaur G, Invally M, Khan M, Jadhav P. A nutraceutical combination of Cinnamomum cassia &Nigella sativa for Type 1 diabetes mellitus. J Ayurveda Integr Med. 2018;9:27-37 pubmed publisher
    ..Significant reversal in the pancreatic cell damage was observed on treatment with NSCCe. This study generates evidence to support Nigella sativa & Cinnamomum cassia as an adjunctive in diabetes treatment protocols. ..
  3. Kaur G, Sankrityayan H, Dixit D, Jadhav P. Cocos nucifera in combination with metformin for modulation of diabetic symptoms in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats. J Ayurveda Integr Med. 2017;: pubmed publisher
    ..In this study, we aimed to evaluate the efficacy of CnI as an adjuvant with metformin in ameliorating Type-2 diabetes mellitus (T2-DM)...

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