Akimitsu Takagi


Affiliation: Yakult Central Institute for Microbiological Research
Country: Japan


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    Takagi A, Watanabe M, Ishii Y, Morita J, Hirokawa Y, Matsuzaki T, et al. Three-dimensional cellular spheroid formation provides human prostate tumor cells with tissue-like features. Anticancer Res. 2007;27:45-53 pubmed
    ..The prostate-specific antigen levels in the culture supernatants of spheroids increased with time and decreased with anticancer agent treatment. Spheroid formation from human prostate tumor cells exhibits tissue-like features. ..
  2. Takagi A, Kano M, Kaga C. Possibility of breast cancer prevention: use of soy isoflavones and fermented soy beverage produced using probiotics. Int J Mol Sci. 2015;16:10907-20 pubmed publisher