Masatsugu Ema


Affiliation: University of Tsukuba
Country: Japan


  1. Ema M, Mori D, Niwa H, Hasegawa Y, Yamanaka Y, Hitoshi S, et al. Kr├╝ppel-like factor 5 is essential for blastocyst development and the normal self-renewal of mouse ESCs. Cell Stem Cell. 2008;3:555-67 pubmed publisher
    ..These results, therefore, provide new insights into the functional and mechanistic role of Klf5 in regulation of pluripotency. ..
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    Ema M, Yokomizo T, Wakamatsu A, Terunuma T, Yamamoto M, Takahashi S. Primitive erythropoiesis from mesodermal precursors expressing VE-cadherin, PECAM-1, Tie2, endoglin, and CD34 in the mouse embryo. Blood. 2006;108:4018-24 pubmed
    ..The latter cell population includes progenitors that give rise to primitive hematopoietic cells, suggesting that primitive and definitive hematopoietic cells in the mouse embryo arise from EC marker-positive cells. ..