Yukio Ishikawa


Affiliation: Toho University
Country: Japan


  1. Ishikawa Y, Akishima Fukasawa Y, Ito K, Akasaka Y, Tanaka M, Shimokawa R, et al. Lymphangiogenesis in myocardial remodelling after infarction. Histopathology. 2007;51:345-53 pubmed
  2. Ishikawa Y, Akasaka Y, Kiguchi H, Akishima Fukasawa Y, Hasegawa T, Ito K, et al. The human renal lymphatics under normal and pathological conditions. Histopathology. 2006;49:265-73 pubmed
    ..Lymphatics are abundant around the arteries/veins and are also present in the renal cortex and medulla. D2-40 immunostaining is helpful for investigating the pathophysiological role of renal lymphatics. ..
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    Ishikawa Y, Akasaka Y, Ishii T, Yoda Murakami M, Choi Miura N, Tomita M, et al. Changes in the distribution pattern of gelatin-binding protein of 28 kDa (adiponectin) in myocardial remodelling after ischaemic injury. Histopathology. 2003;42:43-52 pubmed
    ..GBP28 plays a role as a scaffold of newly formed collagen in myocardial remodelling after ischaemic injury, and GBP28 immunostaining may assist in a diagnosis of healing stage. ..
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    Ishikawa Y, Komiyama K, Masuda S, Murakami M, Akasaka Y, Ito K, et al. Expression of type V secretory phospholipase A in myocardial remodelling after infarction. Histopathology. 2005;47:257-67 pubmed
    ..sPLA2-V may play a dual role, acting both to remove degraded cell-membrane through cooperative activity with COX-2 in necrotic areas and to attack ischaemic myocytes around the lesion via degradation of membrane phospholipids. ..
  5. Ishikawa Y, Akishima Fukasawa Y, Ito K, Akasaka Y, Yokoo T, Ishii T. Histopathologic determinants of regional lymph node metastasis in early colorectal cancer. Cancer. 2008;112:924-33 pubmed publisher
    ..When lymphatic invasion and budding formation are observed histopathologically in patients with ECC, additional therapy, such as adjuvant chemotherapy or a curative resection of the regional LN, may be required. ..
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    Ishikawa Y, Kimura Matsumoto M, Murakami M, Yamamoto K, Akasaka Y, Uzuki M, et al. Distribution of smooth muscle cells and macrophages expressing scavenger receptor BI/II in atherosclerosis. J Atheroscler Thromb. 2009;16:829-39 pubmed
    ..The results indicated that SMCs are involved in lipid metabolism via SRBI/II expression mainly in the early stages of atherosclerosis evolution, and that SRBI/II-positive macrophages are mainly involved in advanced stages. ..