Mayumi Takeuchi


Affiliation: The University of Tokushima
Country: Japan


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    Takeuchi M, Matsuzaki K, Nishitani H, Uehara H. Ancient schwannoma of the female pelvis. Abdom Imaging. 2008;33:247-52 pubmed
    ..Diagnosis of ancient schwannoma before surgical treatment is important and should be made by its characteristic clinical and imaging findings. ..
  2. Takeuchi M, Matsuzaki K, Nishitani H. Magnetic resonance manifestations of decidualized endometriomas during pregnancy. J Comput Assist Tomogr. 2008;32:353-5 pubmed publisher
    ..Diffusion-weighted images with the apparent diffusion coefficient measurement may help the diagnosis of this rare entity. ..
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    Takeuchi M, Matsuzaki K, Kusaka M, Shimazu H, Yoshida S, Nishitani H, et al. Ovarian cystadenofibromas: characteristic magnetic resonance findings with pathologic correlation. J Comput Assist Tomogr. 2003;27:871-3 pubmed
    ..This "black sponge"-like appearance was considered to be diagnostic...
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    Takeuchi M, Matsuzaki K, Yoshida S, Nishitani H, Uehara H. Imaging findings of urachal mucinous cystadenocarcinoma associated with pseudomyxoma peritonei. Acta Radiol. 2004;45:348-50 pubmed
    ..We report the imaging findings of an extremely rare case of urachal mucinous adenocarcinoma associated with pseudomyxoma peritonei on computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging with histopathologic correlation...
  5. Takeuchi M, Matsuzaki K, Nishitani H. Clear cell adenocarcinoma of the female urethra: magnetic resonance imaging. J Comput Assist Tomogr. 2009;33:142-4 pubmed publisher
    ..We report 2 cases in which magnetic resonance imaging could reveal their urethral origin by detecting the normal urethra within the mass as targetlike appearance on axial T2-weighted image...
  6. Takeuchi M, Matsuzaki K, Nishitani H. Hyperintense uterine myometrial masses on T2-weighted magnetic resonance imaging: differentiation with diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging. J Comput Assist Tomogr. 2009;33:834-7 pubmed publisher
    ..05) than that in malignant tumors. It was difficult to differentiate malignant tumors from leiomyomas on the basis of signal intensity on DWI; however, the ADC measurement may be helpful to distinguish malignant tumors, CLM, and DLM. ..
  7. Takeuchi M, Matsuzaki K, Harada M. Preliminary observations and diagnostic value of lipid peak in ovarian thecomas/fibrothecomas using in vivo proton MR spectroscopy at 3T. J Magn Reson Imaging. 2012;36:907-11 pubmed publisher