Tsuyoshi Saito


Affiliation: Sapporo Medical University
Country: Japan


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    Saito T, Takehara M, Tanaka R, Sato K, Fujita M, Kudo R. Usefulness of silver intensification of immunostaining for cytologic diagnosis of primary melanoma of the female genital organs. Acta Cytol. 2002;46:1075-80 pubmed
    ..When there is a suspicion of amelanotic melanoma or scantily pigmented melanoma of the vagina and vulva, cytogenesis with HMB-45 is helpful, especially because it involves little invasion. ..
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    Saito T, Takehara M, Tanaka R, Lee R, Horie M, Wataba K, et al. Correlation between responsiveness of neoadjuvant chemotherapy and apoptosis-associated proteins for cervical adenocarcinoma. Gynecol Oncol. 2004;92:284-92 pubmed
    ..In this study, the overexpression of p53 was found to be a factor to predict the chemoresistance and positive expression of Bcl-2 indicated as a better prognostic value. For p21WAF1/CIP1 and caspase-3, further analysis is necessary. ..
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    Saito T, Tanaka R, Wataba K, Kudo R, Yamasaki H. Overexpression of estrogen receptor-alpha gene suppresses gap junctional intercellular communication in endometrial carcinoma cells. Oncogene. 2004;23:1109-16 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that activation of ER-alpha by estrogen results in tumor progression by stimulating cell growth and suppressing GJIC via suppression of the expression of Cxs in endometrial carcinogenesis. ..