Hideyuki Ishida


Affiliation: Saitama Medical School
Country: Japan


  1. Ishida H, Okada N, Ishibashi K, Ohsawa T, Kumamoto K, Haga N. Single-incision laparoscopic-assisted surgery for colon cancer via a periumbilical approach using a surgical glove: initial experience with 9 cases. Int J Surg. 2011;9:150-4 pubmed publisher
    ..The median number of postoperative analgesic use was one (range, 0-6). No intra- or postoperative complications occurred in this series. Our SILS colectomy procedure seems feasible and safe in selected patients with colon cancer. ..
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    Ishida H, Ishiguro T, Kumamoto K, Ohsawa T, Sobajima J, Ishibashi K, et al. Minilaparotomy for perforated duodenal ulcer. Int Surg. 2011;96:194-200 pubmed
  3. Yamaguchi T, Furukawa Y, Nakamura Y, Matsubara N, Ishikawa H, Arai M, et al. Comparison of clinical features between suspected familial colorectal cancer type X and Lynch syndrome in Japanese patients with colorectal cancer: a cross-sectional study conducted by the Japanese Society for Cancer of the Colon and Rectum. Jpn J Clin Oncol. 2015;45:153-9 pubmed publisher
    ..A significant difference in extracolonic Lynch syndrome-associated cancer was evident between suspected familial colorectal cancer type X and Lynch syndrome. ..
  4. Tanakaya K, Furukawa Y, Nakamura Y, Hirata K, Tomita N, Tamura K, et al. Relationship between smoking and multiple colorectal cancers in patients with Japanese Lynch syndrome: a cross-sectional study conducted by the Japanese Society for Cancer of the Colon and Rectum. Jpn J Clin Oncol. 2015;45:307-10 pubmed publisher
    ..03). Our data suggest that long-term cigarette smoking might be a strong risk factor for the development of multiple colorectal cancers in male Lynch syndrome patients. ..
  5. Ishida H, Tajima Y, Gonda T, Kumamoto K, Ishibashi K, Iwama T. Update on our investigation of malignant tumors associated with Peutz-Jeghers syndrome in Japan. Surg Today. 2016;46:1231-42 pubmed publisher
    ..The risk of breast cancer seems to be increasing, but confirmation of this trend will require further investigation. ..
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    Tanakaya K, Yamaguchi T, Ishikawa H, Hinoi T, Furukawa Y, Hirata K, et al. Causes of Cancer Death Among First-Degree Relatives in Japanese Families with Lynch Syndrome. Anticancer Res. 2016;36:1985-9 pubmed
    ..Extra-colonic cancer in families with MSH2 mutation might require for more intensive surveillance. ..
  7. Kohda M, Kumamoto K, Eguchi H, Hirata T, Tada Y, Tanakaya K, et al. Rapid detection of germline mutations for hereditary gastrointestinal polyposis/cancers using HaloPlex target enrichment and high-throughput sequencing technologies. Fam Cancer. 2016;15:553-62 pubmed publisher
  8. Suzuki O, Eguchi H, Chika N, Sakimoto T, Ishibashi K, Kumamoto K, et al. Prevalence and clinicopathologic/molecular characteristics of mismatch repair-deficient colorectal cancer in the under-50-year-old Japanese population. Surg Today. 2017;47:1135-1146 pubmed publisher
    ..These results are of value in the clinical management of patients with the early onset CRC under circumstances where universal tumor screening approaches for LS are still not available, like in Japan. ..
  9. Ishida H, Ishibashi K, Iwama T. Malignant tumors associated with juvenile polyposis syndrome in Japan. Surg Today. 2018;48:253-263 pubmed publisher
    ..Long-term surveillance of the stomach and colorectum based on the phenotype of JPS seems a reasonable approach to monitor these patients for the development of malignant tumors. ..