Kimihiko Sugaya


Affiliation: National Institute of Radiological Sciences
Country: Japan


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    Sugaya K, Sasanuma S, Cook P, Mita K. A mutation in the largest (catalytic) subunit of RNA polymerase II and its relation to the arrest of the cell cycle in G(1) phase. Gene. 2001;274:77-81 pubmed
    ..Aligning the amino acid sequences from various species reveals that ala(315) is highly conserved in eukaryotes. ..
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    Kawasaki H, Sugaya K, Quan G, Nohata J, Mita K. Analysis of alpha- and beta-tubulin genes of Bombyx mori using an EST database. Insect Biochem Mol Biol. 2003;33:131-7 pubmed
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    Sugaya K, Hongo E, Tsuji H. A temperature-sensitive mutation in the WD repeat-containing protein Smu1 is related to maintenance of chromosome integrity. Exp Cell Res. 2005;306:242-51 pubmed
    ..Thus, Smu1 appears to be involved directly or indirectly in DNA replication, activation of cdc2 kinase, spindle assembly, and maintenance of chromosome integrity, reflecting the important roles of Smu1 in cellular function. ..
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    Sugaya K, Hongo E, Ishihara Y, Tsuji H. The conserved role of Smu1 in splicing is characterized in its mammalian temperature-sensitive mutant. J Cell Sci. 2006;119:4944-51 pubmed
    ..Comparison of the results of perlecan RT-PCR analysis with those of analysis of four other genes suggested that the splicing defect in the perlecan gene is unique and that it is conserved through evolution. ..
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    Sugaya K, Ishihara Y, Sugaya K. Enlargement of speckles of SF2/ASF due to loss of function of Smu1 is characterized in the mammalian temperature-sensitive mutant. RNA Biol. 2011;8:488-95 pubmed
    ..The significant decrease of Smu1 may lead the enlargement of speckles of SF2/ASF. These data show the importance of Smu1 as a regulator of splicing and genome maintenance. ..