Takayuki Odahara


Affiliation: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Country: Japan


  1. Odahara T, Odahara K. Intermolecular interactions at early stage of protein/detergent particle association induced by salt/polyethylene glycol mixtures. Protein Expr Purif. 2016;120:72-86 pubmed publisher
    ..The obtained relationships are useful as basic information to learn the early stage of biological macromolecular associations. ..
  2. Odahara T, Ishii N, Ooishi A, Honda S, Uedaira H, Hara M, et al. Thermostability of Rhodopseudomonas viridis and Rhodospirillum rubrum chromatophores reflecting physiological conditions. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2011;1808:1645-53 pubmed publisher
    ..The obtained result appeared to reflect the differences in the protein/lipid rate and protein-lipid specificity between the two chromatophores...