Noriyoshi Teramoto


Affiliation: Kyushu University
Country: Japan


  1. Teramoto N, Nakashima T, Ito Y. Properties and pharmacological modification of ATP-sensitive K(+) channels in cat tracheal myocytes. Br J Pharmacol. 2000;130:625-35 pubmed
    ..e. K(ATP)) and can be activated by levcromakalim and that intracellular UDP causes a significant shift of the glibenclamide-sensitivity of these channels...
  2. Teramoto N, Yunoki T, Tanaka K, Takano M, Masaki I, Yonemitsu Y, et al. The effects of caffeine on ATP-sensitive K(+) channels in smooth muscle cells from pig urethra. Br J Pharmacol. 2000;131:505-13 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that caffeine can inhibit the activity of K(ATP) channels through a direct blocking effect on the pore-forming Kir subunit...
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    Teramoto N, Tomoda T, Yunoki T, Brading A, Ito Y. Modification of ATP-sensitive K+ channels by proteolysis in smooth muscle cells from pig urethra. Life Sci. 2002;72:475-85 pubmed
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    Teramoto N, Zhu H, Ito Y. Blocking actions of glibenclamide on ATP-sensitive K+ channels in pig urethral myocytes. J Pharm Pharmacol. 2004;56:395-9 pubmed
    ..5 microM). Glibenclamide is the first reported sulphonylurea to selectively block K(ATP) channel, not only by decreasing the channel activity but also by reducing the unitary amplitude in smooth muscle...