Shosei Yoshida


Affiliation: Kyoto University
Country: Japan


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    Yoshida S, Sukeno M, Nabeshima Y. A vasculature-associated niche for undifferentiated spermatogonia in the mouse testis. Science. 2007;317:1722-6 pubmed
    ..This is different from what is observed in Drosophila or Caenorhabditis elegans, which display developmentally specified niche structures within polarized gonads. ..
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    Yoshida S, Ohbo K, Takakura A, Takebayashi H, Okada T, Abe K, et al. Sgn1, a basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor delineates the salivary gland duct cell lineage in mice. Dev Biol. 2001;240:517-30 pubmed
    ..In addition, Sgn1 expression exhibits a reverse relationship with the development of male phenotypes, suggesting its role in gender dimorphism in the salivary glands. ..