Research Topics


Kosei Maemura


Affiliation: Kagoshima University
Country: Japan


  1. Khalid M, Idichi T, Seki N, Wada M, Yamada Y, Fukuhisa H, et al. Gene Regulation by Antitumor miR-204-5p in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma: The Clinical Significance of Direct RACGAP1 Regulation. Cancers (Basel). 2019;11: pubmed publisher
    ..g., MMP28, CEP55, CDK1, ANLN and S100A14) are involved in PDAC pathogenesis. Our strategy to identify antitumor miRNAs and their target genes will help elucidate the molecular pathogenesis of PDAC. ..
  2. Maemura K, Shinchi H, Mataki Y, Kurahara H, Iino S, Sakoda M, et al. Assessment of percutaneous laparoscopic ultrasonography-guided core needle biopsy for the advanced diagnosis of unresectable pancreatic cancer. JOP. 2015;16:45-9 pubmed publisher
    ..LUS-guided CNB enables the safe acquisition of sufficient tissue volumes for certain pathological analyses required to determine treatment strategies for locally unresectable advanced pancreatic cancer. ..
  3. Maemura K, Mataki Y, Kurahara H, Kawasaki Y, Iino S, Sakoda M, et al. Comparison of proton beam radiotherapy and hyper-fractionated accelerated chemoradiotherapy for locally advanced pancreatic cancer. Pancreatology. 2017;17:833-838 pubmed publisher
    ..Despite the lower incidence of local recurrence, PBRT did not yield obvious progression control and survival benefits relative to conventional chemoradiotherapy. ..
  4. Nepal P, Maemura K, Mataki Y, Kurahara H, Kawasaki Y, Hiwatashi K, et al. Management of horizontal duodenal perforation: a report of three cases and review of literature. Surg Case Rep. 2017;3:119 pubmed publisher
    ..CT scan is the investigation of choice. The management options should be based on the clinical condition of the patient, comorbidities, surgical expertise, existing guidelines, and available resources. ..
  5. Matsushita D, Kurahara H, Mataki Y, Maemura K, Higashi M, Iino S, et al. Pancreatic hamartoma: a case report and literature review. BMC Gastroenterol. 2016;16:3 pubmed publisher
    ..Beside on the above findings, we suggest that the term "well-demarcated solid and cystic lesion with chronological morphological changes" could be a clinical keyword to describe pancreatic hamartomas. ..
  6. Hashiguchi M, Ueno S, Sakoda M, Iino S, Hiwatashi K, Minami K, et al. Clinical implication of ZEB-1 and E-cadherin expression in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). BMC Cancer. 2013;13:572 pubmed publisher
    ..24). Positive ZEB-1 expression and loss of E-cadherin expression are correlated with poor prognosis in HCC patients and malignancy of ZEB-1 positive tumors involves EMT. ..