Hitoshi Suzuki


Affiliation: Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Country: Japan


  1. Alam S, Phan H, Okazaki M, Takagi M, Kawahara K, Tsukahara T, et al. Computational extraction of a neural molecular network through alternative splicing. BMC Res Notes. 2014;7:934 pubmed publisher
    ..This preliminary analysis indicated that automated analysis of the effects of alternative splicing would provide a rich source of biologically relevant information. ..
  2. Suzuki H, Tsukahara T. A view of pre-mRNA splicing from RNase R resistant RNAs. Int J Mol Sci. 2014;15:9331-42 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, circRNA might function as microRNA sponges. There is an enormous variety of endogenous circRNAs, which are generally synthesized in cells and tissues. ..
  3. Suzuki H, Aoki Y, Kameyama T, Saito T, Masuda S, Tanihata J, et al. Endogenous Multiple Exon Skipping and Back-Splicing at the DMD Mutation Hotspot. Int J Mol Sci. 2016;17: pubmed
  4. Suzuki H, Takeuchi M, Sugiyama A, Alam A, Vu L, Sekiyama Y, et al. Alternative splicing produces structural and functional changes in CUGBP2. BMC Biochem. 2012;13:6 pubmed publisher
    ..The present findings specifically show how alternative splicing events that result in three-dimensional structural changes in CUGBP2 can lead to changes in its biological activity. ..
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    Suzuki H, Tsukahara T, Inoue K. Localization of c-mos mRNA around the animal pole in the zebrafish oocyte with Zor-1/Zorba. Biosci Trends. 2009;3:96-104 pubmed
    ..Interestingly, we found c-mos mRNA is located in the animal cortex of zebrafish oocyte, where Zor-1 protein exists. Taken together, these results suggest that the animal cortex is the central core of oocyte maturation in zebrafish. ..
  6. Suzuki H, Kameyama T, Ohe K, Tsukahara T, Mayeda A. Nested introns in an intron: evidence of multi-step splicing in a large intron of the human dystrophin pre-mRNA. FEBS Lett. 2013;587:555-61 pubmed publisher
    ..Nested splicing events, which bring the authentic 5' and 3' splice sites into close proximity, could be one of the splicing mechanisms for the extremely large introns. ..
  7. Alam S, Suzuki H, Tsukahara T. Alternative splicing regulation of APP exon 7 by RBFox proteins. Neurochem Int. 2014;78:7-17 pubmed publisher
    ..Overall, RBFox proteins may shift APP from exon 7 containing isoforms, APP770 and APP751, toward the exon 7 lacking isoform, APP695, which is predominant in neural tissues. ..