Research Topics

Michitaka Ozaki


Affiliation: Hokkaido University
Country: Japan


  1. Matsuo J, Haga S, Hashimoto K, Okubo T, Ozawa T, Ozaki M, et al. Activation of caspase-3 during <i>Chlamydia trachomatis</i>-induced apoptosis at a late stage. Can J Microbiol. 2018;: pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, our data showed that <i>C. trachomatis </i>activates caspase-3 in host cells at a late stage of infection. ..
  2. Morita N, Haga S, Ohmiya Y, Ozaki M. Long-term ex vivo and in vivo monitoring of tumor progression by using dual luciferases. Anal Biochem. 2016;497:24-6 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, the new monitoring systems that use dual luciferases are available, allowing long-term bioluminescence imaging under minimal stress for the experimental animals. ..
  3. Haga S, Yimin -, Ozaki M. Relevance of FXR-p62/SQSTM1 pathway for survival and protection of mouse hepatocytes and liver, especially with steatosis. BMC Gastroenterol. 2017;17:9 pubmed publisher
    ..The present study is the first to demonstrate the relevance of FXR-p62/SQSTM1 and -SHP in the protection against injury of hepatocytes and post-PH liver, especially with steatosis. ..