Makoto Kawamura


Affiliation: Hiroshima University
Country: Japan


  1. Kawamura M, Wright F, Declerck D, Freire M, Hu D, Honkala E, et al. An exploratory study on cultural variations in oral health attitudes, behaviour and values of freshman (first-year) dental students. Int Dent J. 2005;55:205-11 pubmed
    ..001). Grouping the countries into key cultural orientations and international clusters yielded plausible results, using the HU-DBI. ..
  2. Kawamura M, Yip H, Hu D, Komabayashi T. A cross-cultural comparison of dental health attitudes and behaviour among freshman dental students in Japan, Hong Kong and West China. Int Dent J. 2001;51:159-63 pubmed
    ..To clarify the differences in dental health attitudes/behaviour among freshman dental students...