Satoshi Waguri


Affiliation: Fukushima Medical University
Country: Japan


  1. Arai R, Waguri S. Improved Electron Microscopy Fixation Methods for Tracking Autophagy-Associated Membranes in Cultured Mammalian Cells. Methods Mol Biol. 2019;1880:211-221 pubmed publisher
    ..These methods can be easily applied to cultured mammalian cells for conventional and cutting-edge EM analyses, leading to a better understanding of ultrastructural details in autophagosome formation. ..
  2. Uemura T, Kametaka S, Waguri S. GGA2 interacts with EGFR cytoplasmic domain to stabilize the receptor expression and promote cell growth. Sci Rep. 2018;8:1368 pubmed publisher
    ..Finally, GGA2 was upregulated in 30.8% of human hepatocellular carcinomas and 23.3% of colorectal cancers. Together, these results indicate that GGA2 supports cell growth by interacting with EGFR for sustaining the receptor expression. ..
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    Waguri S, Tomiyama Y, Ikeda H, Hida T, Sakai N, Taniike M, et al. The luminal domain participates in the endosomal trafficking of the cation-independent mannose 6-phosphate receptor. Exp Cell Res. 2006;312:4090-107 pubmed