Shuichi Yamamoto


Affiliation: Chiba University
Country: Japan


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    Yamamoto S, Yamamoto T, Ogata K, Hoshino A, Sato E, Mizunoya S. Morphological and functional changes of the macula after vitrectomy and creation of posterior vitreous detachment in eyes with diabetic macular edema. Doc Ophthalmol. 2004;109:249-53 pubmed
    ..In addition, a decrease of the peak latency of the macular mfERGs suggested an improvement of the physiological function of the macula although the amplitude of the mfERGs was not changed significantly...
  2. Miura G, Nakamura Y, Sato E, Yamamoto S. Effects of cataracts on flicker electroretinograms recorded with RETevalâ„¢ system: new mydriasis-free ERG device. BMC Ophthalmol. 2016;16:22 pubmed publisher
    ..The presence of cataracts should be taken into consideration when interpreting the flicker ERG recorded with RETevalâ„¢. ..
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    Yamamoto S, Saito W, Yagi F, Takeuchi S, Sato E, Mizunoya S. Vitrectomy with or without arteriovenous adventitial sheathotomy for macular edema associated with branch retinal vein occlusion. Am J Ophthalmol. 2004;138:907-14 pubmed the results of vitrectomy with or without arteriovenous (AV) crossing sheathotomy for macular edema associated with branch retinal vein occlusion (BRVO)...