Gaia Roversi


Affiliation: University of Milano-Bicocca
Country: Italy


  1. Redaelli S, Maitz S, Crosti F, Sala E, Villa N, Spaccini L, et al. Refining the Phenotype of Recurrent Rearrangements of Chromosome 16. Int J Mol Sci. 2019;20: pubmed publisher
    ..We also found that in some cases a second-site CNV could explain the phenotypic heterogeneity by a simple additive effect or a pejorative synergistic effect. ..
  2. Smith A, Galli M, Piga I, Denti V, Stella M, Chinello C, et al. Molecular signatures of medullary thyroid carcinoma by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation mass spectrometry imaging. J Proteomics. 2019;191:114-123 pubmed publisher