S Ghio


Affiliation: University of Pavia
Country: Italy


  1. Ghio S, Fortuni F, Greco A, Turco A, Lombardi C, Scelsi L, et al. Dobutamine stress echocardiography in pulmonary arterial hypertension. Int J Cardiol. 2018;270:331-335 pubmed publisher
    ..Changes in pulmonary pressure only reflect the changes in heart rate. ..
  2. Ghio S, Constantin C, Raineri C, Fontana A, Klersy C, Campana C, et al. Enoximone echocardiography: a novel test to evaluate left ventricular contractile reserve in patients with heart failure on chronic beta-blocker therapy. Cardiovasc Ultrasound. 2003;1:13 pubmed
    ..Enoximone might be preferable to low-dose dobutamine for evaluating left ventricular contractile reserve in chronically beta-blocked heart failure patients as it is slightly more potent and has a better safety profile. ..
  3. Ghio S, Serio A, Mangiavacchi M, Kjellstrom B, Valsecchi S, Vicini I, et al. Hemodynamic changes before acute heart failure episodes in patients with advanced systolic left ventricular dysfunction. J Cardiovasc Med (Hagerstown). 2008;9:799-804 pubmed publisher
    ..An increase in RVDP was the most frequent hemodynamic change detected by the implantable hemodynamic monitor before hospitalizations due to acute HF in patients having advanced systolic LV dysfunction. ..
  4. Ghio S, Revera M, Mori F, Klersy C, Raisaro A, Raineri C, et al. Regional abnormalities of myocardial deformation in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: correlations with delayed enhancement in cardiac magnetic resonance. Eur J Heart Fail. 2009;11:952-7 pubmed publisher
    ..007). Regional non-uniformities in peak systolic strain were not observed in normal subjects. Areas of reduced left ventricular contractility in deformation analysis are associated with delayed CMR enhancement in patients with HCM. ..
  5. Pica S, Ghio S, Tonti G, Camporotondo R, Turco A, Pazzano A, et al. Analyses of longitudinal and of transverse right ventricular function provide different clinical information in patients with pulmonary hypertension. Ultrasound Med Biol. 2014;40:1096-103 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, in patients with PH, reduced transverse RV function is a reliable indicator of the presence of high pulmonary artery pressure, whereas reduced RV longitudinal function is associated with impairment of cardiac function. ..
  6. Ghio S, Turco A, Klersy C, Scelsi L, Raineri C, Crescio V, et al. Changes in surface electrocardiogram in patients with chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension undergoing pulmonary endarterectomy. Correlations with hemodynamic and echocardiographic improvements after surgery. J Electrocardiol. 2016;49:223-30 pubmed publisher
    ..The study shows that some of the ECG markers of RV hypertrophy/overload better reflect RV hemodynamic overload while others better reflect the pathologic remodeling of the right ventricle. ..
  7. Ghio S, Temporelli P, Klersy C, Simioniuc A, Girardi B, Scelsi L, et al. Prognostic relevance of a non-invasive evaluation of right ventricular function and pulmonary artery pressure in patients with chronic heart failure. Eur J Heart Fail. 2013;15:408-14 pubmed publisher
    ..Pulmonary hypertension (PH) and right ventricular (RV) dysfunction have both been associated with poor prognosis in CHF...
  8. Ghio S, D Alto M, Badagliacca R, Vitulo P, Argiento P, Mule M, et al. Prognostic relevance of pulmonary arterial compliance after therapy initiation or escalation in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension. Int J Cardiol. 2017;230:53-58 pubmed publisher
    ..4mL/mmHg (AUC 0.73, sensitivity 81.8%, specificity 58.8%). In PAH patients hospitalized to initiate or to escalate PAH-specific therapy, failure to improve PCa after therapy is a strong hemodynamic predictor of poor prognosis. ..