B Falini


Affiliation: University of Perugia
Country: Italy


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    Falini B, Bolli N, Shan J, Martelli M, Liso A, Pucciarini A, et al. Both carboxy-terminus NES motif and mutated tryptophan(s) are crucial for aberrant nuclear export of nucleophosmin leukemic mutants in NPMc+ AML. Blood. 2006;107:4514-23 pubmed
    ..These findings indicate that potential therapeutic strategies aimed to retarget NPM to its physiological sites will have to overcome 2 obstacles, the new NES motif and the mutated tryptophan(s) at the NPM mutant C-terminus. ..
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    Falini B, Nicoletti I, Bolli N, Martelli M, Liso A, Gorello P, et al. Translocations and mutations involving the nucleophosmin (NPM1) gene in lymphomas and leukemias. Haematologica. 2007;92:519-32 pubmed
    ..The discovery of NPM1 gene alterations also represents the rationale basis for development of molecular targeted drugs. ..
  3. Falini B, Mecucci C, Saglio G, Lo Coco F, Diverio D, Brown P, et al. NPM1 mutations and cytoplasmic nucleophosmin are mutually exclusive of recurrent genetic abnormalities: a comparative analysis of 2562 patients with acute myeloid leukemia. Haematologica. 2008;93:439-42 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, these findings make NPMc+ acute myeloid leukemia a good candidate for inclusion in the upcoming World Health Organization classification...
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    Falini B, Fizzotti M, Pucciarini A, Bigerna B, Marafioti T, Gambacorta M, et al. A monoclonal antibody (MUM1p) detects expression of the MUM1/IRF4 protein in a subset of germinal center B cells, plasma cells, and activated T cells. Blood. 2000;95:2084-92 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that MUM1 is involved in the late stages of B-cell differentiation and in T-cell activation and is deregulated in DLCL-B. (Blood. 2000;95:2084-2092) ..
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    Falini B, Martelli M, Bolli N, Bonasso R, Ghia E, Pallotta M, et al. Immunohistochemistry predicts nucleophosmin (NPM) mutations in acute myeloid leukemia. Blood. 2006;108:1999-2005 pubmed
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    Falini B, Tiacci E, Liso A, Basso K, Sabattini E, Pacini R, et al. Simple diagnostic assay for hairy cell leukaemia by immunocytochemical detection of annexin A1 (ANXA1). Lancet. 2004;363:1869-70 pubmed
  7. Falini B, Bolli N, Liso A, Martelli M, Mannucci R, Pileri S, et al. Altered nucleophosmin transport in acute myeloid leukaemia with mutated NPM1: molecular basis and clinical implications. Leukemia. 2009;23:1731-43 pubmed publisher
    ..Finally, we discuss the future therapeutic perspectives aimed at reversing the altered nucleophosmin transport in AML with mutated NPM1. ..
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    Falini B, Tiacci E, Pucciarini A, Bigerna B, Kurth J, Hatzivassiliou G, et al. Expression of the IRTA1 receptor identifies intraepithelial and subepithelial marginal zone B cells of the mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT). Blood. 2003;102:3684-92 pubmed
    ..Collectively, these results suggest a role of IRTA1 in the immune function of B cells within epithelia. ..
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    Falini B, Mecucci C, Tiacci E, Alcalay M, Rosati R, Pasqualucci L, et al. Cytoplasmic nucleophosmin in acute myelogenous leukemia with a normal karyotype. N Engl J Med. 2005;352:254-66 pubmed
    ..Cytoplasmic NPM is a characteristic feature of a large subgroup of patients with AML who have a normal karyotype, NPM gene mutations, and responsiveness to induction chemotherapy. ..

More Information


  1. Falini B, Macijewski K, Weiss T, Bacher U, Schnittger S, Kern W, et al. Multilineage dysplasia has no impact on biologic, clinicopathologic, and prognostic features of AML with mutated nucleophosmin (NPM1). Blood. 2010;115:3776-86 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings indicate that NPM1 mutations rather than MLD dictate the distinctive features of NPM1-mutated AML. Thus, irrespective of MLD, NPM1-mutated AML represents one disease entity clearly distinct from AML with MRCs. ..
  2. Falini B, Martelli M, Bolli N, Sportoletti P, Liso A, Tiacci E, et al. Acute myeloid leukemia with mutated nucleophosmin (NPM1): is it a distinct entity?. Blood. 2011;117:1109-20 pubmed publisher
    ..Altogether, these pieces of evidence point to NPM1-mutated AML as a founder genetic event that defines a distinct leukemia entity accounting for approximately one-third of all AML. ..
  3. Falini B, Agostinelli C, Bigerna B, Pucciarini A, Pacini R, Tabarrini A, et al. IRTA1 is selectively expressed in nodal and extranodal marginal zone lymphomas. Histopathology. 2012;61:930-41 pubmed publisher
    ..These results further expand our knowledge of the biology of MZLs, and highlight IRTA1 as the first positive marker for MZLs, enabling more accurate diagnosis of these neoplasms. ..
  4. Falini B, Martelli M, Mecucci C, Liso A, Bolli N, Bigerna B, et al. Cytoplasmic mutated nucleophosmin is stable in primary leukemic cells and in a xenotransplant model of NPMc+ acute myeloid leukemia in SCID mice. Haematologica. 2008;93:775-9 pubmed publisher