Francesco Cilurzo


Affiliation: University of Milan
Country: Italy


  1. Garipova V, Gennari C, Selmin F, Cilurzo F, Moustafine R. Mucoadhesive Interpolyelectrolyte Complexes for the Buccal Delivery of Clobetasol. Polymers (Basel). 2018;10: pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, oral lyophilisates allowed improving the apparent solubility of CP throughout the in vitro release experiment. ..
  2. Giordani B, Abruzzo A, Musazzi U, Cilurzo F, Nicoletta F, Dalena F, et al. Freeze-dried matrices based on polyanion polymers for chlorhexidine local release in the buccal and vaginal cavities. J Pharm Sci. 2019;: pubmed publisher
    ..In particular, matrix based on sodium hyaluronate was found to be the best performing formulation and could represent a versatile system for local release of CLX with potential application in both buccal and vaginal cavities. ..
  3. Coccè V, Franzé S, Brini A, Gianni A, Pascucci L, Ciusani E, et al. In Vitro Anticancer Activity of Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) Secreted by Gingival Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Primed with Paclitaxel. Pharmaceutics. 2019;11: pubmed publisher
    ..This research may contribute to develop new strategies of cell-mediated drug delivery by EVs that are easy to store without losing function, and could have a superior safety profile in therapy. ..
  4. Cilurzo F, Musazzi U, Franzé S, Fedele G, Minghetti P. Design of in vitro skin permeation studies according to the EMA guideline on quality of transdermal patches. Eur J Pharm Sci. 2018;125:86-92 pubmed publisher
    ..e., 20 skin samples) for each formulation and widening the acceptance range according to the statistical approach proposed in the work. ..
  5. Musazzi U, Selmin F, Ortenzi M, Mohammed G, Franzé S, Minghetti P, et al. Personalized orodispersible films by hot melt ram extrusion 3D printing. Int J Pharm. 2018;551:52-59 pubmed publisher
    ..The dissolution pattern of paracetamol overlapped with that obtained from ODF with a similar composition prepared by the consolidated solvent casting technique, demonstrating the suitability of the proposed technology. ..
  6. Franzé S, Selmin F, Samaritani E, Minghetti P, Cilurzo F. Lyophilization of Liposomal Formulations: Still Necessary, Still Challenging. Pharmaceutics. 2018;10: pubmed publisher
    ..The combination of such data would allow a better knowledge of the factors causing inter-vials variability in the attempt to improve the quality of the final medicinal product. ..
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    Cilurzo F, Selmin F, Minghetti P, Rimoldi I, Demartin F, Montanari L. Fast-dissolving mucoadhesive microparticulate delivery system containing piroxicam. Eur J Pharm Sci. 2005;24:355-61 pubmed
    ..The delivery system made of piroxicam and EuLNa in the ratio 70/30% (m/m) appears to be the most promising because it contains the lowest amount of polymer able to confer mucoadhesive properties and increase apparent drug solubility. ..
  8. Selmin F, Puoci F, Parisi O, Franzé S, Musazzi U, Cilurzo F. Caffeic Acid-PLGA Conjugate to Design Protein Drug Delivery Systems Stable to Irradiation. J Funct Biomater. 2015;6:1-13 pubmed publisher
    ..The OVA content in g-CA-PLGA microspheres decreased to a lower extent with respect to PLGA microspheres. These results suggest that g-CA-PLGA is a promising biodegradable material to microencapsulate biological drugs. ..
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    Cilurzo F, Casiraghi A, Selmin F, Minghetti P. Supersaturation as a tool for skin penetration enhancement. Curr Pharm Des. 2015;21:2733-44 pubmed
    ..This paper offers a comprehensive review of the literature with the aim to underline the "pros and cons" of the application of supersaturation in transdermal delivery in the light of the theoretical aspects. ..

More Information


  1. Cilurzo F, Cupone I, Minghetti P, Selmin F, Montanari L. Fast dissolving films made of maltodextrins. Eur J Pharm Biopharm. 2008;70:895-900 pubmed publisher
    ..The films present a high loading capacity, up to 25mg for a surface of 6cm(2). The PRX dissolution rate significantly improved in Series C films independently of the PRX/MDX ratio. ..
  2. Campani V, Biondi M, Mayol L, Cilurzo F, Franzé S, Pitaro M, et al. Nanocarriers to Enhance the Accumulation of Vitamin K1 into the Skin. Pharm Res. 2016;33:893-908 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, to achieve a local effect of VK1 on the skin, the topical nebulization of VK1-containing transfersomes could offer a good compromise between a high VK1 penetration into the skin and a limited permeation through it. ..
  3. Franceschini I, Selmin F, Pagani S, Minghetti P, Cilurzo F. Nanofiller for the mechanical reinforcement of maltodextrins orodispersible films. Carbohydr Polym. 2016;136:676-81 pubmed publisher
    ..In this optimal range, the tensile strength increased at least 1.5 fold and the elastic modulus increased at least 4 times. ..
  4. Musazzi U, Matera C, Dallanoce C, Vacondio F, De Amici M, Vistoli G, et al. On the selection of an opioid for local skin analgesia: Structure-skin permeability relationships. Int J Pharm. 2015;489:177-85 pubmed publisher
    ..The balance of the skin penetration properties and the affinity potency for μ-receptors evidenced hydromorphone as the most suitable compound for the induction of local analgesia. ..
  5. Franzè S, Gennari C, Minghetti P, Cilurzo F. Influence of chemical and structural features of low molecular weight heparins (LMWHs) on skin penetration. Int J Pharm. 2015;481:79-83 pubmed publisher
    ..Both the lower Mw and the introduction of new residues at the chain ends improved the skin penetration of LMWHs with respect to UFH (Q24=0.001 ± 0.001 IU/cm(2)), with bemiparin and enoxaparin being the most interesting compounds. ..
  6. Selmin F, Franceschini I, Cupone I, Minghetti P, Cilurzo F. Aminoacids as non-traditional plasticizers of maltodextrins fast-dissolving films. Carbohydr Polym. 2015;115:613-6 pubmed publisher
    ..The addition of glycine and proline resulted effective in reducing the elastic modulus (about 50%) and tensile strength (about three times) and, therefore, can be used to increase the film ductility. ..
  7. Cilurzo F, Cupone I, Minghetti P, Buratti S, Gennari C, Montanari L. Diclofenac fast-dissolving film: suppression of bitterness by a taste-sensing system. Drug Dev Ind Pharm. 2011;37:252-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, because of its simplicity and rapidity, this technique could assist or even replace the sensory evaluation in the development of fast-dissolving films. ..
  8. Campani V, Biondi M, Mayol L, Cilurzo F, Pitaro M, De Rosa G. Development of nanoemulsions for topical delivery of vitamin K1. Int J Pharm. 2016;511:170-177 pubmed publisher
    ..The study demonstrated that NEs represent an interesting option for the commercial development of an aqueous spray formulation for the topical delivery of VK1. ..
  9. Gennari C, Selmin F, Ortenzi M, Franzé S, Musazzi U, Casiraghi A, et al. In situ film forming fibroin gel intended for cutaneous administration. Int J Pharm. 2016;511:296-302 pubmed publisher
    ..8?g/cm(2)/h; in situ formed film: J?1.4-1.7?g/cm(2)/h). In conclusion, silk fibroin can be advantageously proposed as a novel film forming material to develop dosage forms to be topically applied. ..
  10. Musazzi U, Selmin F, Franzé S, Gennari C, Rocco P, Minghetti P, et al. Poly(methyl methacrylate) salt as film forming material to design orodispersible films. Eur J Pharm Sci. 2018;115:37-42 pubmed publisher
    ..All the presented data, discussed in the framework of information available on such copolymer, highlighted its versatility in the design of orodispersible dosage forms. ..
  11. Cilurzo F, Musazzi U, Franzé S, Selmin F, Minghetti P. Orodispersible dosage forms: biopharmaceutical improvements and regulatory requirements. Drug Discov Today. 2018;23:251-259 pubmed publisher
    ..We revisit this information in light of both the European Union (EU) and US regulatory frameworks, focusing on the differences in the definitions of such dosage forms and the requirements for marketing authorization. ..
  12. Quaroni G, Gennari C, Cilurzo F, Ducouret G, Creton C, Minghetti P. Tuning the rheological properties of an ammonium methacrylate copolymer for the design of adhesives suitable for transdermal patches. Eur J Pharm Sci. 2018;111:238-246 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, the 60/40 EuRL/TBC binary blend is suitable for the design of transdermal patches since the in vitro permeability of the three selected drugs appeared comparable to those described in literature for marketed products. ..
  13. Franzé S, Marengo A, Stella B, Minghetti P, Arpicco S, Cilurzo F. Hyaluronan-decorated liposomes as drug delivery systems for cutaneous administration. Int J Pharm. 2018;535:333-339 pubmed publisher
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    Cilurzo F, Gennari C, Selmin F, Musazzi U, Rumio C, Minghetti P. A novel oromucosal prolonged release mucoadhesive suspension by one step spray coagulation method. Curr Drug Deliv. 2013;10:251-60 pubmed
    ..2% delmopinol reference solution product given twice-a-day. These results suggested that the development of bioadhesive oromucosal suspensions, localizing the drug into buccal cavity, can reduce regimen and administrated dose. ..
  15. Cilurzo F, Minghetti P, Alberti E, Gennari C, Pallavicini M, Valoti E, et al. An investigation into the influence of counterion on the RS-propranolol and S-propranolol skin permeability. J Pharm Sci. 2010;99:1217-24 pubmed publisher
    ..All three considered variables, namely counterion, vehicle, and chirality, resulted mutually interfering on and deeply influenced the passive diffusion process of PR. ..