Tiziana A L Brevini


Affiliation: University of Milan
Country: Italy


  1. Pennarossa G, Manzoni E, Ledda S, deEguileor M, Gandolfi F, Brevini T. Use of a PTFE Micro-Bioreactor to Promote 3D Cell Rearrangement and Maintain High Plasticity in Epigenetically Erased Fibroblasts. Stem Cell Rev. 2018;: pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings demonstrate that the use of 3D culture strategies greatly improves the induction and maintenance of a high plasticity state. ..
  2. Brevini T, Pennarossa G, Antonini S, Paffoni A, Tettamanti G, Montemurro T, et al. Cell lines derived from human parthenogenetic embryos can display aberrant centriole distribution and altered expression levels of mitotic spindle check-point transcripts. Stem Cell Rev. 2009;5:340-52 pubmed publisher
  3. Pennarossa G, Maffei S, Tettamanti G, Congiu T, deEguileor M, Gandolfi F, et al. Intercellular bridges are essential for human parthenogenetic cell survival. Mech Dev. 2015;136:30-9 pubmed publisher
  4. Brevini T, Pennarossa G, Attanasio L, Vanelli A, Gasparrini B, Gandolfi F. Culture conditions and signalling networks promoting the establishment of cell lines from parthenogenetic and biparental pig embryos. Stem Cell Rev. 2010;6:484-95 pubmed publisher
  5. Pennarossa G, Zenobi A, Gandolfi C, Manzoni E, Gandolfi F, Brevini T. Erase and Rewind: Epigenetic Conversion of Cell Fate. Stem Cell Rev. 2016;12:163-70 pubmed publisher
    ..This approach is simple and direct and may represent a very promising tool for the regenerative medicine of several and diverse degenerative diseases. ..
  6. Brevini T, Pennarossa G, Manzoni E, Gandolfi F. Safety and Efficacy of Epigenetically Converted Human Fibroblasts Into Insulin-Secreting Cells: A Preclinical Study. Adv Exp Med Biol. 2018;1079:151-162 pubmed publisher
    ..The present preclinical study demonstrates safety and efficacy of human EpiCC in diabetic mice and supports the use of epigenetic converted cells for regenerative medicine of diabetes mellitus. ..
  7. Brevini T, Pennarossa G, Maffei S, Zenobi A, Gandolfi F. Epigenetic Conversion as a Safe and Simple Method to Obtain Insulin-secreting Cells from Adult Skin Fibroblasts. J Vis Exp. 2016;: pubmed publisher
    ..Since the protocol does not involve the use of any gene transfection, it is free of viral vectors and does not involve a stable pluripotent state, it is highly promising for translational medicine applications. ..
  8. Pennarossa G, Santoro R, Manzoni E, Pesce M, Gandolfi F, Brevini T. Epigenetic Erasing and Pancreatic Differentiation of Dermal Fibroblasts into Insulin-Producing Cells are Boosted by the Use of Low-Stiffness Substrate. Stem Cell Rev. 2018;14:398-411 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings indicate that mechano-transduction related responsed influence cell plasticity induced by 5-aza-CR and improve fibroblast differentiation toward the pancreatic lineage. ..
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    Brevini T, Cillo F, Colleoni S, Lazzari G, Galli C, Gandolfi F. Expression pattern of the maternal factor zygote arrest 1 (Zar1) in bovine tissues, oocytes, and embryos. Mol Reprod Dev. 2004;69:375-80 pubmed
    ..Moreover, the identification of Zar1 transcription at the 4-cell stage represents the first characterization of one of the genes expressed in cattle embryos before the major onset of embryonic transcription. ..

More Information


  1. Brevini T, Manzoni E, Ledda S, Gandolfi F. Use of a Super-hydrophobic Microbioreactor to Generate and Boost Pancreatic Mini-organoids. Methods Mol Biol. 2017;: pubmed publisher
    ..It also makes it possible to scale down experiments and work in smaller volumes and is therefore amenable for higher throughput applications. ..
  2. Brevini T, Pennarossa G, Maffei S, Tettamanti G, Vanelli A, Isaac S, et al. Centrosome amplification and chromosomal instability in human and animal parthenogenetic cell lines. Stem Cell Rev. 2012;8:1076-87 pubmed publisher
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    Brevini T, Cillo F, Antonini S, Gandolfi F. Cytoplasmic remodelling and the acquisition of developmental competence in pig oocytes. Anim Reprod Sci. 2007;98:23-38 pubmed
    ..We present recent experimental evidence, obtained in our laboratory, on the pig orthologues for kinesin KIF5B and Staufen, describe their expression patterns and discuss their possible role in oocyte maturation. ..
  4. Ghiringhelli M, Zenobi A, Brizzola S, Gandolfi F, Bontempo V, Rossi S, et al. Simple and Quick Method to Obtain a Decellularized, Functional Liver Bioscaffold. Methods Mol Biol. 2018;1577:283-292 pubmed publisher
    ..The procedure is fast, simple, and cheap and warrants an optimal organoid functionality that may find applications in both toxicological and transplantation studies. ..