Research Topics

Jonathan P McNulty


Affiliation: University College Dublin
Country: Ireland


  1. McNulty J, Lonergan R, Bannigan J, O Laoide R, Rainford L, Tubridy N. Visualisation of the medial longitudinal fasciculus using fibre tractography in multiple sclerosis patients with internuclear ophthalmoplegia. Ir J Med Sci. 2016;185:393-402 pubmed publisher
    ..These reconstructions may provide a valuable addition to the teaching and understanding of clinical signs related to subtle pathology. ..
  2. Portelli J, McNulty J, Bezzina P, Rainford L. Benefit-risk communication in paediatric imaging: What do referring physicians, radiographers and radiologists think, say and do?. Radiography (Lond). 2018;24:33-40 pubmed publisher
    ..Additionally, we recommend that local referrers and practitioners come together and develop a consensus document that can offer guidance on how to go about discussing the benefits and risks of paediatric imaging examinations. ..
  3. McNulty J, Ryan J, Evanoff M, Rainford L. Flexible image evaluation: iPad versus secondary-class monitors for review of MR spinal emergency cases, a comparative study. Acad Radiol. 2012;19:1023-8 pubmed publisher
    ..The iPad performed with equal diagnostic accuracy when compared with the secondary-class LCD device after DBM MRMC analysis, demonstrating the iPad as an option to aid initial review of MR spinal emergency cases. ..
  4. Zarb F, McNulty J, Gatt A, Formosa C, Chockalingam N, Evanoff M, et al. Comparison of in vivo vs. frozen vs. Thiel cadaver specimens in visualisation of anatomical structures of the ankle on proton density Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) through a visual grading analysis (VGA) study. Radiography (Lond). 2017;23:117-124 pubmed publisher
    ..The preservation of cadavers especially using Thiel is a suitable alternative for MRI optimisation and protocol development purposes. ..
  5. England A, Geers van Gemeren S, Henner A, Kukkes T, Pronk Larive D, Rainford L, et al. Clinical radiography education across Europe. Radiography (Lond). 2017;23 Suppl 1:S7-S15 pubmed publisher
    ..Mechanisms are in place for the selection, training and support of clinical practice supervisors. Professional societies should work collaboratively to establish guidelines for effective clinical placements. ..
  6. Cleary N, McNulty J, Foley S, Kelly E. An investigation into current protocols and radiographer opinions on contrast extravasation in Irish CT departments. Radiography (Lond). 2017;23:e87-e92 pubmed publisher
    ..Departmental protocols and the radiographer's approach on both prevention techniques and treatment will affect the prevalence of extravasation, and the eventual outcome for the patient when it does occur...

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