F M Lyng


Affiliation: Dublin Institute of Technology
Country: Ireland


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    ..This study has shown that Raman microspectroscopy could be useful for the early detection of pre-malignant changes in cervical tissue. ..
  4. Lyng F, Traynor D, Ramos I, Bonnier F, Byrne H. Raman spectroscopy for screening and diagnosis of cervical cancer. Anal Bioanal Chem. 2015;407:8279-89 pubmed publisher
    ..This paper discusses the recent advances and challenges for cervical-cancer screening and diagnosis and offers some perspectives for the future. ..
  5. Medipally D, Maguire A, Bryant J, Armstrong J, Dunne M, Finn M, et al. Development of a high throughput (HT) Raman spectroscopy method for rapid screening of liquid blood plasma from prostate cancer patients. Analyst. 2017;142:1216-1226 pubmed publisher
    ..The HT-Raman spectroscopy method developed in this study can be used for rapid and accurate diagnosis of prostate cancer using liquid plasma samples. ..