Mohsen Sharafi


Affiliation: Tarbiat Modarres University
Country: Iran


  1. Masoudi R, Sharafi M, Azadi L. Improvement of rooster semen quality using coenzyme Q10 during cooling storage in the Lake extender. Cryobiology. 2019;: pubmed publisher
    ..05) in treatments contained 5 μM CoQ10 compared to the control group. According to the results, using optimum dose of CoQ10 could be helpful to save rooster semen against chilled storage structural and functional damages. ..
  2. Zanussi H, Shariatmadari F, Sharafi M, Ahmadi H. Dietary supplementation with flaxseed oil as source of Omega-3 fatty acids improves seminal quality and reproductive performance in aged broiler breeder roosters. Theriogenology. 2019;130:41-48 pubmed publisher
    ..It seems that supplementation of aged roosters' diet with flaxseed oil and VITE improves the semen performance and fertility potential that can be a suitable strategy to preserve the reproductive performance of aged rooters. ..
  3. Masoudi R, Sharafi M, Shahneh A, Khodaei Motlagh M. Effects of reduced glutathione on the quality of rooster sperm during cryopreservation. Theriogenology. 2019;128:149-155 pubmed publisher
    ..4%) group. In conclusion, supplementation of Lake extender with 2 and 4 mM GSH improves the cryo-survival and fertility potential of rooster sperm and it could be an applied method for improvement of reproductive goals. ..
  4. Masoudi R, Sharafi M, Zare Shahneh A, Kohram H, Nejati Amiri E, Karimi H, et al. Supplementation of extender with coenzyme Q10 improves the function and fertility potential of rooster spermatozoa after cryopreservation. Anim Reprod Sci. 2018;198:193-201 pubmed publisher
    ..Results of the present study indicate that supplementation of Lake extender with 1 and 2 μM CoQ10 enhances the quality of rooster sperm after the freeze-thaw process. ..
  5. Askarianzadeh Z, Sharafi M, Karimi Torshizi M. Sperm quality characteristics and fertilization capacity after cryopreservation of rooster semen in extender exposed to a magnetic field. Anim Reprod Sci. 2018;198:37-46 pubmed publisher
    ..Cryopreservation of rooster semen with magnetized extenders at 2000-4000 G resulted in enhanced quality indices of thawed sperm as well as the fertility capacity of the cryopreserved semen. ..
  6. Safari Asl R, Shariatmadari F, Sharafi M, Karimi Torshizi M, Shahverdi A. Dietary fish oil supplemented with vitamin E improves quality indicators of rooster cold-stored semen through reducing lipid peroxidation. Cryobiology. 2018;84:15-19 pubmed publisher
    ..05). Supplementation of roosters' diet with 2% fish oil and 200 mg/kg vitamin E improved the quality of cold-stored semen by supporting several indicators of sperm quality through reducing lipid peroxidation. ..
  7. Hezavehei M, Sharafi M, Kouchesfahani H, Henkel R, Agarwal A, Esmaeili V, et al. Sperm cryopreservation: A review on current molecular cryobiology and advanced approaches. Reprod Biomed Online. 2018;37:327-339 pubmed publisher
    ..The aim is to discuss current freezing techniques and novel strategies that have been developed for sperm protection against cryo-damage, as well as evaluating the probable effects of sperm freezing on offspring health. ..
  8. Masoudi R, Sharafi M, Zareh Shahneh A, Towhidi A, Kohram H, Esmaeili V, et al. Fertility and flow cytometry study of frozen-thawed sperm in cryopreservation medium supplemented with soybean lecithin. Cryobiology. 2016;73:69-72 pubmed publisher
    ..It can be concluded that SL extender can be an efficient alternative extender to preserve ram sperm during cryopreservation procedure without adverse effects. ..
  9. Masoudi R, Sharafi M, Zare Shahneh A, Towhidi A, Kohram H, Zhandi M, et al. Effect of dietary fish oil supplementation on ram semen freeze ability and fertility using soybean lecithin- and egg yolk-based extenders. Theriogenology. 2016;86:1583-1588 pubmed publisher
    ..05). It seems that dietary fish oil can improve the semen performance after freezing-thawing process and artificial insemination aside from type of extenders. ..

More Information


  1. Lotfi S, Mehri M, Sharafi M, Masoudi R. Hyaluronic acid improves frozen-thawed sperm quality and fertility potential in rooster. Anim Reprod Sci. 2017;184:204-210 pubmed publisher
    ..7 and 54.7%) and HA2 (67.5 and 57.7%) compared to control group (40 and 37%). Our results showed that supplementation of Beltsville extender with 1 and 2mM HA significantly improved the quality of rooster sperm after freeze thawing. ..
  2. Fattah A, Sharafi M, Masoudi R, Shahverdi A, Esmaeili V, Najafi A. L-Carnitine in rooster semen cryopreservation: Flow cytometric, biochemical and motion findings for frozen-thawed sperm. Cryobiology. 2017;74:148-153 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results showed that supplementation of Beltsville extender with 1 and 2 mM LC significantly improved the quality of rooster sperm quality after freeze-thawing. ..
  3. Fattah A, Sharafi M, Masoudi R, Shahverdi A, Esmaeili V. L-carnitine is a survival factor for chilled storage of rooster semen for a long time. Cryobiology. 2017;74:13-18 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings suggest that optimum doses of LC could protect rooster sperm against cool storage-induced functional and structural damages. ..