Research Topics

Sanju Nanda


Country: India


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    Rao R, Mahant S, Chhabra L, Nanda S. Transdermal innovations in diabetes management. Curr Diabetes Rev. 2014;10:343-59 pubmed
    ..In addition to this, the authors have also shed light on the future prospects and patented and commercial formulations of antidiabetic agents. ..
  2. Yadav N, Raghuvanshi A, Sharma G, Beg S, Katare O, Nanda S. QbD-Based Development and Validation of a Stability-Indicating HPLC Method for Estimating Ketoprofen in Bulk Drug and Proniosomal Vesicular System. J Chromatogr Sci. 2016;54:377-89 pubmed publisher
    ..The results successfully demonstrated the utility of QbD for optimizing the chromatographic conditions for developing highly sensitive liquid chromatographic method for ketoprofen. ..
  3. Yadav N, Nanda S, Sharma G, Katare O. Systematically Optimized Ketoprofen-Loaded Novel Proniosomal Formulation for Periodontitis: In Vitro Characterization and In Vivo Pharmacodynamic Evaluation. AAPS PharmSciTech. 2017;18:1863-1880 pubmed publisher
    ..The results lead to the conclusion that proniosomes can act as a promising carrier and can be effectively used for improved ketoprofen delivery in periodontal pockets. ..