Anil Bhanudas Gaikwad


Affiliation: Birla Institute of Technology and Science
Country: India


  1. Malek V, Sharma N, Sankrityayan H, Gaikwad A. Concurrent neprilysin inhibition and renin-angiotensin system modulations prevented diabetic nephropathy. Life Sci. 2019;221:159-167 pubmed publisher
    ..Hence, we can conclude that NEPi/ARB and NEPi/ACE2 activator combination therapies might be new therapeutic strategies in preventing DN. ..
  2. Sankrityayan H, Kulkarni Y, Gaikwad A. Diabetic nephropathy: The regulatory interplay between epigenetics and microRNAs. Pharmacol Res. 2019;141:574-585 pubmed publisher
    ..The purpose of this review is to articulate the interplay between miRNA expression and epigenetic modifications with a particular focus on its impact on the development and progression of DN. ..
  3. Sharma N, Anders H, Gaikwad A. Fiend and friend in the renin angiotensin system: An insight on acute kidney injury. Biomed Pharmacother. 2019;110:764-774 pubmed publisher
    ..This review focuses on significance of RAS in pathogenesis of AKI and provides better understanding of novel and possible therapeutic approaches to combat AKI. ..
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    Kumar P, Kadakol A, Shasthrula P, Mundhe N, Jamdade V, Barua C, et al. Curcumin as an adjuvant to breast cancer treatment. Anticancer Agents Med Chem. 2015;15:647-56 pubmed treating breast cancer have been reviewed. ..
  5. Kadakol A, Malek V, Goru S, Pandey A, Bagal S, Gaikwad A. Esculetin attenuates alterations in Ang II and acetylcholine mediated vascular reactivity associated with hyperinsulinemia and hyperglycemia. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2015;461:342-7 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, immunohistochemical evaluations revealed that esculetin prevents increase in AT1R, AT2R, Keap1, TGF-β, and decrease in ACE2 expression in aorta of hyperinsulinemic and hyperglycemic rats. ..
  6. Goru S, Gaikwad A. Novel reno-protective mechanism of Aspirin involves H2AK119 monoubiquitination and Set7 in preventing type 1 diabetic nephropathy. Pharmacol Rep. 2018;70:497-502 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, this mechanism may lay down a novel strategy to prevent DN completely in future. ..
  7. Pandey A, Goru S, Kadakol A, Malek V, Gaikwad A. Differential regulation of angiotensin converting enzyme 2 and nuclear factor-κB by angiotensin II receptor subtypes in type 2 diabetic kidney. Biochimie. 2015;118:71-81 pubmed publisher
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    Pandey A, Kumar G, Kadakol A, Malek V, Gaikwad A. FoxO1 Inhibitors: The Future Medicine for Metabolic Disorders?. Curr Diabetes Rev. 2016;12:223-30 pubmed
    ..The emergence of various natural molecules and synthesized small molecules like AS1842856 as FoxO1 inhibitors urges us to think further and decide the future course of drug development for the management of metabolic disorders. ..
  9. Goru S, Pandey A, Gaikwad A. E3 ubiquitin ligases as novel targets for inflammatory diseases. Pharmacol Res. 2016;106:1-9 pubmed publisher
    ..This review focuses on the role of different E3 ligases in the development of inflammatory diseases and thus may help us to target these E3 ligases in future drug discovery to prevent inflammation. ..

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  1. Kadakol A, Pandey A, Goru S, Malek V, Gaikwad A. Insulin sensitizing and cardioprotective effects of Esculetin and Telmisartan combination by attenuating Ang II mediated vascular reactivity and cardiac fibrosis. Eur J Pharmacol. 2015;765:591-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Hence, the study urges us to conclude that the solution to IR and associated cardiovascular dysfunction may lie in the Telmisartan and Esculetin combination therapy. ..
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    Pandey A, Malek V, Prabhakar V, Kulkarni Y, Gaikwad A. Nanoparticles: A Neurotoxicological Perspective. CNS Neurol Disord Drug Targets. 2015;14:1317-27 pubmed
    ..This review may help in improving the understanding of the mechanisms associated with nanoparticle induced neurotoxicity so as to devise ways to overcome the associated neurotoxicity. ..
  3. Kadakol A, Goru S, Malek V, Gaikwad A. Esculetin ameliorates vascular perturbation by intervening in the occupancy of H2BK120Ub at At1, At2, Tgf?1 and Mcp1 promoter gene in thoracic aorta of IR and T2D rats. Biomed Pharmacother. 2017;95:1461-1468 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, our investigation concluded with the involvement of esculetin in the amelioration of vascular perturbation by modifying H2BK120Ub along with occupancy at At1, At2, Tgf?1 and Mcp1 promoter gene. ..
  4. Kadakol A, Sharma N, Kulkarni Y, Gaikwad A. Esculetin: A phytochemical endeavor fortifying effect against non-communicable diseases. Biomed Pharmacother. 2016;84:1442-1448 pubmed publisher
    ..This may help us in improving our understanding of the molecule and may encourage the researchers to ponder over further development of esculetin as a potential therapeutic intervention in NCDs. ..
  5. Goru S, Kadakol A, Gaikwad A. Hidden targets of ubiquitin proteasome system: To prevent diabetic nephropathy. Pharmacol Res. 2017;120:170-179 pubmed publisher
  6. Pandey A, Gaikwad A. Compound 21 and Telmisartan combination mitigates type 2 diabetic nephropathy through amelioration of caspase mediated apoptosis. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2017;487:827-833 pubmed publisher
    ..Hence further research should be done to develop this combination to treat T2DN. ..
  7. Pandey A, Raj P, Goru S, Kadakol A, Malek V, Sharma N, et al. Esculetin ameliorates hepatic fibrosis in high fat diet induced non-alcoholic fatty liver disease by regulation of FoxO1 mediated pathway. Pharmacol Rep. 2017;69:666-672 pubmed publisher
    ..This study demonstrates the efficiency of Esculetin in improving liver fibrosis in HFD induced NAFLD. ..
  8. Pandey A, Gaikwad A. AT2 receptor agonist Compound 21: A silver lining for diabetic nephropathy. Eur J Pharmacol. 2017;815:251-257 pubmed publisher
  9. Pandey A, Goru S, Kadakol A, Malek V, Sharma N, Gaikwad A. H2AK119 monoubiquitination regulates Angiotensin II receptor mediated macrophage infiltration and renal fibrosis in type 2 diabetic rats. Biochimie. 2016;131:68-76 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus an approach targeting AT1R blockade and AT2R activation accompanied by an epigenetic modulator may be more suitable to ameliorate the macrophage infiltration and fibrosis associated with T2DN. ..
  10. Malek V, Gaikwad A. Neprilysin inhibitors: A new hope to halt the diabetic cardiovascular and renal complications?. Biomed Pharmacother. 2017;90:752-759 pubmed publisher
    ..S. Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of heart failure. This concise review intends to summarise the currently available reports on NEPi as a therapeutic intervention to treat CVD and CKD associated with diabetes. ..