Deepa Bhartiya


Country: India


  1. James K, Bhartiya D, Ganguly R, Kaushik A, Gala K, Singh P, et al. Gonadotropin and steroid hormones regulate pluripotent very small embryonic-like stem cells in adult mouse uterine endometrium. J Ovarian Res. 2018;11:83 pubmed publisher
    ..Role of follicle stimulating and steroid hormones on the stem cells needs to be studied in various uterine pathologies. ..
  2. Bhartiya D, Patel H. Very small embryonic-like stem cells are involved in pancreatic regeneration and their dysfunction with age may lead to diabetes and cancer. Stem Cell Res Ther. 2015;6:96 pubmed publisher
    ..In the future, such understanding may allow manipulation of endogenous VSELs to our advantage in patients with diabetes and also to treat cancer. ..
  3. Bhartiya D, Hinduja I, Patel H, Bhilawadikar R. Making gametes from pluripotent stem cells--a promising role for very small embryonic-like stem cells. Reprod Biol Endocrinol. 2014;12:114 pubmed publisher
    ..However, first the scientific community needs to arrive at a consensus about VSELs in the gonads and then work towards exploiting their potential. ..
  4. Bhartiya D. The need to revisit the definition of mesenchymal and adult stem cells based on their functional attributes. Stem Cell Res Ther. 2018;9:78 pubmed publisher
    ..MSCs can be cultured from any tissue source and are an excellent source of growth factors/cytokines and thus could provide a niche for proper functioning of the stem/progenitor cells. ..
  5. Bhartiya D, Singh J. FSH-FSHR3-stem cells in ovary surface epithelium: basis for adult ovarian biology, failure, aging, and cancer. Reproduction. 2015;149:R35-48 pubmed publisher
  6. Pursani V, Bhartiya D, Tanavde V, Bashir M, Sampath P. Transcriptional activator DOT1L putatively regulates human embryonic stem cell differentiation into the cardiac lineage. Stem Cell Res Ther. 2018;9:97 pubmed publisher
    ..Collectively, our data suggests the crucial role of H3K79me2 methyltransferase DOT1L for activation of NKX2.5 during the cardiac differentiation of hES cells. ..
  7. Bhartiya D, Shaikh A, Nagvenkar P, Kasiviswanathan S, Pethe P, Pawani H, et al. Very small embryonic-like stem cells with maximum regenerative potential get discarded during cord blood banking and bone marrow processing for autologous stem cell therapy. Stem Cells Dev. 2012;21:1-6 pubmed publisher
  8. Bhartiya D, Sriraman K, Gunjal P, Modak H. Gonadotropin treatment augments postnatal oogenesis and primordial follicle assembly in adult mouse ovaries?. J Ovarian Res. 2012;5:32 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus we propose that gonadotropin through its action on pluripotent VSELs augments neo-oogenesis and PF assembly in adult mouse ovaries. ..
  9. Bhartiya D. Ovarian stem cells are always accompanied by very small embryonic-like stem cells in adult mammalian ovary. J Ovarian Res. 2015;8:70 pubmed publisher
    ..VSELs exist in aged, chemoablated and non-functional ovary and providing a healthy niche to support their function offers an interesting strategy to manage infertility. ..

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  1. Bhartiya D, Anand S, Parte S. VSELs may obviate cryobanking of gonadal tissue in cancer patients for fertility preservation. J Ovarian Res. 2015;8:75 pubmed publisher
    ..This understanding once verified and accepted by the scientific community could obviate the need to remove whole ovary or testicular biopsy for cryopreservation prior to oncotherapy. ..
  2. Shaikh A, Bhartiya D, Kapoor S, Nimkar H. Delineating the effects of 5-fluorouracil and follicle-stimulating hormone on mouse bone marrow stem/progenitor cells. Stem Cell Res Ther. 2016;7:59 pubmed publisher
    ..The study provides a novel insight into basic hematopoiesis and has clinical relevance. ..
  3. Shaikh A, Anand S, Kapoor S, Ganguly R, Bhartiya D. Mouse Bone Marrow VSELs Exhibit Differentiation into Three Embryonic Germ Lineages and Germ & Hematopoietic Cells in Culture. Stem Cell Rev. 2017;13:202-216 pubmed publisher
  4. Patel H, Bhartiya D, Parte S. Further characterization of adult sheep ovarian stem cells and their involvement in neo-oogenesis and follicle assembly. J Ovarian Res. 2018;11:3 pubmed publisher
    ..Both VSELs, OSCs and GCN express FSH receptors and FSH possibly regulates their function to undergo neo-oogenesis and primordial follicle assembly. ..
  5. Pethe P, Nagvenkar P, Bhartiya D. Polycomb group protein expression during differentiation of human embryonic stem cells into pancreatic lineage in vitro. BMC Cell Biol. 2014;15:18 pubmed publisher
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    Patel H, Bhartiya D. Testicular Stem Cells Express Follicle-Stimulating Hormone Receptors and Are Directly Modulated by FSH. Reprod Sci. 2016;23:1493-1508 pubmed
  7. Bhartiya D, James K. Very small embryonic-like stem cells (VSELs) in adult mouse uterine perimetrium and myometrium. J Ovarian Res. 2017;10:29 pubmed publisher
  8. Bhartiya D, Patel H. Ovarian stem cells-resolving controversies. J Assist Reprod Genet. 2018;35:393-398 pubmed publisher
  9. Bhartiya D, Anand S, Patel H, Parte S. Making gametes from alternate sources of stem cells: past, present and future. Reprod Biol Endocrinol. 2017;15:89 pubmed publisher
    ..This strategy has been successful in several mice studies already and resulted in live birth in a woman with pre-mature ovarian failure. ..
  10. Ganguly R, Metkari S, Bhartiya D. Dynamics of Bone Marrow VSELs and HSCs in Response to Treatment with Gonadotropin and Steroid Hormones, during Pregnancy and Evidence to Support Their Asymmetric/Symmetric Cell Divisions. Stem Cell Rev. 2018;14:110-124 pubmed publisher
    ..These results point to a novel yet unreported role of spleen VSELs during pregnancy. Furthermore, VSELs underwent ACD to self-renew and give rise to slightly bigger HSCs based on unequal expression of NUMB, CD45 and OCT-4. ..
  11. Bhartiya D, Unni S, Parte S, Anand S. Very small embryonic-like stem cells: implications in reproductive biology. Biomed Res Int. 2013;2013:682326 pubmed publisher
    ..It will also be relevant for future regenerative medicine, translational research, and clinical applications in human reproduction. ..
  12. Bhartiya D, Kasiviswanathan S, Unni S, Pethe P, Dhabalia J, Patwardhan S, et al. Newer insights into premeiotic development of germ cells in adult human testis using Oct-4 as a stem cell marker. J Histochem Cytochem. 2010;58:1093-106 pubmed publisher
    ..spermatocytes, spermatids, and sperm. Besides maintaining normal testicular homeostasis, PSCs may also be implicated in germ cell tumors and ES-like colonies that have recently been derived from adult human testicular tissue. ..